• International Programs

    Lawrenceville is dedicated to ensuring that every student has a meaningful and authentic experience abroad which is tied to our curriculum, service programs, or other co-curricular initiatives.

  • Residential Life

    Lawrenceville's unique House system creates a familial atmosphere and fosters a strong sense of community, responsibility and support.

  • Academics

    The School's rigorous curriculum and collaborative, discussion-based, Harkness classes prepare students to be responsible leaders.

  • The Arts

    Lawrenceville inspires beginners and luminaries alike in the fine and performing arts.

  • Big Red Athletics

    Lawrenceville offers interscholastic and intramural competition, lifetime sports, and a comprehensive fitness program.

  • Community Service

    Whatever your skills, experiences, or interests, Lawrenceville can help you help others.

  • Our Diversity

    We are committed to inspiring in our students an appreciation for diversity and a global perspective.

  • Student Leadership

    Opportunities abound for Lawrentians to develop and share their leadership skills in all realms of School life.

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  • <h1>Ariel</h1><h2>Extracurriculars:</h2>Soccer, Track, Tour Guide, Student Activities Board<h2>Favorite Lawrenceville Tradition:</h2>House Olympics<h2>Favorite Class:</h2>English

    Jumping into the Deep End at Scamp

    The Lawrenceville School Camp, or Scamp as we call it, is something unique and special because it unites Lawrentians past and present, as well as their friends and families, to support an amazing cause.

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  • Would We Prefer Apathy?

    Recently, columnist Frank Bruni wrote in the New York Times about what he sees as a change in how students relate to professors.

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