The Lawrenceville School’s Green Campus Initiative

Contact Information
Samuel H. Kosoff '88 H'96 P'19
Director of Sustainability
(609) 620-7664

The Lawrenceville School has undertaken a “Green Campus Initiative” seeking to take a holistic approach to campus sustainability. The initiative focuses on campus energy, materials, land, and water use applying methods that promote ecological literacy, sustainability education and involve the broader community outside of the school.

The Lawrenceville School’s environment makes an aesthetic impression on those who come to campus while simultaneously presenting a pedagogical mission. The campus in particular, with the legacy of alumnus Aldo Leopold and foundational landscape design by Frederick Law Olmsted, provides unique educational opportunities for students and the local community. As a result, students, faculty, staff, and citizens who work, learn, and live on and around our campus can gain a new dimension to their learning experience, and an increased appreciation of the natural world.


  • Green Campus Initiative Student Workbook [PDF 5,940kb] developed by Jennifer A Mayr and Andropogon Associates
  • Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Implementation Proposal[PDF 65kb], by Kevin Lyons, research professor in Supply Chain Environmental Management and Policy at Rutgers University-Cook College
  • Community by Design, Lawrence Township takes action to design a ecologically sustainable future for itself through a FutureSearch conference.


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