Notable Alumni

During its more than 200-year history, Lawrenceville has produced more than its fair share of prominent graduates in virtually every field of human endeavor. Following is a partial list, with their class year (some approximate) and most recent or most recognizable achievement.


Bill Berkson, 1957; Portrait and Dream: New and Selected Poems
Frederick Buechner, 1943; Yellow Leaves: A Miscellany
Hodding Carter IV, 1980; Off the Deep End
Richard Halliburton, 1917; The Royal Road to Romance: Travelers’ Tales Classics
Owen Johnson, 1895; The Lawrenceville Stories
James Merrill, 1943; The Changing Light at Sandover
Stacey Patton, 1996; That Mean Old Yesterday
Fred Mustard Stewart, 1950; The Magnificent Savages
Thorton Wilder, former Lawrenceville faculty member, Bridge of San Luis Rey (written while at the School) and Our Town


Garth Ancier, 1975; former President, BBC Worldwide America
Lewis Bernard, 1959; former CAO and CFO of Morgan Stanley
Christopher DeMuth, 1964; former President, American Enterprise Institute
Michael Eisner, 1960; former CEO, The Walt Disney Company
Mortimer B. Fuller III, 1960; Chairman and CEO, Genesee & Wyoming
George H. Gallup Jr., 1948; founder, The George H. Gallup International Institute
John Gutfreund, 1947; former CEO, Salomon Brothers
Randolph Apperson Hearst, 1934; former Chairman, The Hearst Corporation
J. Robert Hillier, 1955; founder, The Hillier Group
Glenn Hutchins, 1973; co-founder, SilverLake
Rupert Johnson, 1958; vice chairman, Franklin Resources
Edwin Posner, 1908; former President, American Stock Exchange
Lily Rafii, 1993; co-founder, Felix Rey
Karl G. Roebling, 1891; former President, John A. Roebling’s Sons Co.
Brandon Tartikoff, 1966; former President, NBC Entertainment Division
Joseph Tsai, 1982; co-founder, Alibaba
Seth Waugh, 1976; CEO, Deutsche Bank Americas
Meredith Whitney, 1988; founder, Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, LLC

Education & Academia

George Akerlof, 1958; Nobel Laureate in Economics and Professor, UC-Berkeley
Robert J. Burkhardt Jr., 1958; founder and former head, Eagle Rock School
Charles Fried, 1952; Professor, Harvard Law School, and former United States Solicitor General
Robert F. Goheen, 1936; 16th President of Princeton University and former U.S. Ambassador to India
Phil Jordan, 1950; former president Kenyon College
Lewis Perry, 1894; former Lawrenceville faculty and 8th Principal of Phillips Exeter Academy


Dierks Bentley, 1993; country singer
Merian C. Cooper, 1911; director, King Kong
Lydia Hearst-Shaw, 2002; model
Robert Kraft, 1972; former President and CEO, Fox Music Inc.; founder Kraftbox Entertainment
Huey Lewis, 1967 (as Hugh Cregg); musician
Adele Myers, 1988; founder, Adele Myers and Dancers
Paul Moravec, Jr., 1975; 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Music, composer
Matthew Prager, 1985; actor, writer, producer
Jim Rash, 1990; screenwriter and director, Academy Award winner
Cotter Smith, 1968; actor
Welly Yang, 1990; actor
Monica Yunus, 1995; soprano, Metropolitan Opera

Journalism & Publishing

Fox Butterfield, 1957; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, The New York Times
Jay Carney, 1983; White House Press Secretary; former Director of Communications for Vice President Joseph Biden; former TIME Washington Bureau Chief
Tom Du Pont, 1966; Chairman and publisher, Du Pont Publishing Company
Malcolm Forbes, 1937; former publisher, Forbes
Walter Hussman, 1964; CEO, WEHCO Media, and publisher, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Richard M. Lerner, 1978; anchor and featured commentator for The Golf Channel
Marcus Mabry, 1985; International Business Editor, The New York Times
Curtis W. McGraw, 1915; former President, McGraw-Hill
Donald C. McGraw, 1917; former President, McGraw-Hill
Harold McGraw Jr., 1936; former President, McGraw-Hill
Geoff Morrell, 1987; Pentagon Press Secretary and former ABC White House correspondent; current head of communications for BP America
Merrill Noden, 1973; former columnist, Sports Illustrated
David Ottaway, 1957; Woodrow Wilson Fellow and former investigative reporter and Bureau Chief, The Washington Post
Bob Ryan, 1964; sportswriter for The Boston Globe and ESPN analyst/contributor
Charles Scribner, 1834-37; publisher
Peter Schwed, 1928; editor and publisher, Simon & Schuster


Sir Hamish S. Forbes, 1934; Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), Awarded Military Cross (MC), Major
Col. Jonathan Jaffin, M.D., 1973; Director, Health Policy and Services, Office of the Surgeon General
James McQueen McIntosh, 1837-1840; Brigadier General for Confederate Army
John Baillie McIntosh, 1837-1840; Brigadier General for Union Army
Jarvis Offutt, 1913; World War I aviator for whom Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, is named
Horace Porter, 1854; Brigadier General in Civil War and Medal of Honor winner, Grant’s personal secretary at the White House and U.S. Ambassador to France
Hugh Lenox Scott, 1869; former Superintendent, West Point, and U.S. Army Chief of Staff
Alfred A. Woodhull, 1852; Brigadier General and Army surgeon, Office of the Surgeon General; a pioneer in establishing standards for military hygiene


Abram Piatt Andrew, 1889; Director, U.S. Mint (1909-1910), Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (1910-1912)
David Baird, Jr., 1899; U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1929-1930)
Dewey F. Bartlett, 1938; Governor of Oklahoma (1967-1971) and U.S. Senator (1973-1979)
Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud, 1963; former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States and Great Britain
Dennis Bushyhead, 1843; Chief of Cherokee Nation (1879-1887)
William Mershon Lanning, 1866; U.S. Representative from New Jersey (1903-1904)
Patrick Murphy, 2002; U.S. Congressman from Florida (elected 2012)
Preston Lea, 1859-60; Governor of Delaware (1905-1909)
Ricardo Maduro, 1963; former President of Honduras (2002-2006)
Charles S. Olden, 1810-14; Governor of New Jersey (1860-1863)
Joel Parker, 1834-37; Governor of New Jersey (1863-1866 and 1872-1875)
Rodman M. Price, 1834-1837; Governor of New Jersey (1854-1857)
Andrew Horatio Reeder, 1822-25; first Governor of the Kansas Territory (1854-55)
William Potter Ross, 1837-40; Chief of the Cherokee Nation (1866-1867 and 1872-1875)
Julian Larcombe Schley, 1898; Governor of the Panama Canal Zone (1932-1936)
Frederic Collin Walcott, 1886; U.S. Senator from Connecticut (1929-1935)
Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., 1949; Governor of Connecticut (1991-1995) and U.S. Senator (1971-1989)

Science & Research

Alan D'Andrea, 1974; Professor, Harvard Medical School, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Charles Carpenter, 1948; Professor, Brown University and director of Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research; developed first effective therapy to combat cholera
Samuel D. Gross, M.D., 1822-25; renowned academic trauma surgeon, Jefferson Medical College, and subject of Thomas Eakins’ painting, “The Gross Clinic”
Lars Hernquist, 1973; Mallinkrodt Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard and member, National Academy of Sciences
Butler Lampson, 1960; computer scientist and 1992 ACM Turing Award winner
Aldo Leopold, 1905; father of modern environmentalism, author of A Sand County Almanac
William Masters, 1934; human sexuality researcher and co-founder, Masters & Johnson Institute
Dr. Sheridan Gray "Sherry" Snyder, 1954; biotechnology entrepreneur and philanthropist, National Junior Tennis League


Knowlton Lyman “Snake” Ames, 1886; All-American football player at Princeton and collegiate record-holder, coach of Purdue Boilermakers
Clint Frank, 1934; winner, 1937 Heisman Trophy and Maxwell Award, All-American at Yale
Billy Granville, 1992; former NFL player, Cincinnati Bengals
William S. Gummere, 1867; Captain of Princeton University football team that played the first intercollegiate football game versus Rutgers in 1869
Armond Hill, 1972; former NBA player, Atlanta Hawks; assistant coach, Boston Celtics
Alexander Spinning Lilley, 1888; first football coach of Ohio State Buckeyes
Dennis Michie, 1888; introduced football to West Point, for whom Michie Stadium is named
Joakim Noah, 2004; NBA player, Chicago Bulls
Bobby Sanguinetti, 2006; NHL player, New York Rangers