Academic Opportunities

Outdoor Leadership

This program promotes development of personal leadership characteristics and skills. Students examine the moral, ethical and interpersonal aspect of student leadership. They examine their strengths and limitations in a leadership capacity and develop a more profound understanding of characteristics of effective leadership.


Lawrenceville International programs

The Lawrenceville School is dedicated to ensuring that every student has a meaningful and authentic experience abroad, which is tied to our curriculum, service programs or other co-curricular initiatives. Inherent in such a program is a desire to help make our students more aware of global issues and different cultures, as well as stress the importance of establishing personal connections to others around the world. The ultimate goal of the international program is to help create more responsible, global citizens through a creative and holistic approach to learning. The School offers many different opportunities for students to travel, conduct research, or learn a language in various international settings. Recent destinations include China, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Japan, France, Peru, Nicaragua, Ghana, the Galapagos, Great Britain, South Africa and Tanzania. Language immersion trips, where students reside with host families in foreign countries, are also available. Students achieve a level of language mastery virtually impossible to attain in an English-speaking environment or classroom education only. The program provides students opportunities to grow in responsibility, self-reliance, and tolerance as they face the challenges of living abroad.

The Island School (Semester Program*)

Located on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, The Island School offers new ways for Third and Fourth Formers to grow, explore, and challenge themselves. A semester-long broad program in tropical marine science, English literature, history, anthropology, studio arts, and mathematics allow students to integrate classroom learning with practical primary research. Students learn to build a living community together, increase their awareness about marine and island environment, support the local community through outreach in the Eleuthera school system and use and teach sustainable living technologies.  

Cum Laude Society

The Lawrenceville chapter of Cum Laude, the high school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa, recognizes superior academic achievement. A student may be elected in the spring of the Fifth Form year.

Green campus initiative

The Lawrenceville School’s Green Campus Initiative takes a holistic approach to campus sustainability. The initiative focuses on campus energy, materials, land, and water use, applying methods that promote ecological literacy, sustainability education and involve the broader community outside of the school. The Lawrenceville School’s environment makes an aesthetic impression on those who come to campus while simultaneously presenting a pedagogical mission. The campus in particular, with the legacy of alumnus Aldo Leopold and foundational landscape design by Frederick Law Olmsted, provides unique educational opportunities for students and the local community. In the spring of 2012 the School began to draw its energy from its Solar Farm, which consists of a nearly 30-acre, net metered, 6.1 megawatt solar facility, giving students an up-close look at alternative energy. As a result, students, faculty, staff, and citizens who work, learn, and live on and around campus can gain a new dimension to their learning experience, and an increased appreciation of the natural world.

For semester programs, a student does a semester at the program and 2 terms at Lawrenceville.  A student who goes away for the fall semester will come back to complete the winter and spring terms at Lawrenceville. A student who goes away for the spring semester will complete the fall and winter terms at Lawrenceville.  The Island School also offers a summer semester that does not overlap with Lawrenceville’s school year.  Speak with the Dean of Academics if you have any questions about this or other study abroad opportunities.