The Lawrenceville School College Counseling Department

The goal of the College Counseling Office is to support, inform and encourage students and their families as they navigate the exciting, complex and ever-changing process of college admissions. The counselors educate students and families about the nuances of admissions, advise students about appropriate and interesting college options that best suit their individual needs, and support and encourage students as they successfully complete the application process.


Lawrenceville’s college counselors offer the Lawrenceville community decades of professional experience as college counselors and college admissions officers. This degree of experience enables the counseling staff to provide valuable and timely advice to families as the process unfolds and to help students present their abilities, talents and experiences to the colleges in the most appropriate manner. Over the course of their Lawrenceville careers, families and students receive information through Form specific newsletters, class-wide meetings and Parent Weekend programming. Further, students and families have access to a detailed “Naviance” based college counseling program via the Web which gives them unlimited access to relevant topics on college admission, links to important sources of information and support, as well as overall advice on selecting and applying to college. All of these resources are designed to ensure that students and their families are well prepared to embrace the college counseling process when students are officially assigned to individual counselors in the middle of their Fourth Form year.

As Fourth Formers, students begin a series of college related standardized testing as well as start a self-reflective process with their counselor in preparation for college research. Students visit colleges during spring and summer vacations, attend on-campus college fairs with over 100 colleges represented, and meet individually with college counselors to discuss their goals and aspirations. Students and their counselors work together to develop a list of college options for active research and consideration, while keeping an eye on the realities of their college admissions prospects.

In the Fifth Form students work with their counselors to develop final lists with an eye for fit and selectivity balance, and begin to focus on the final details of the application process. College admissions counselors visit the School to meet with groups of interested students and/or to conduct individual interviews. Students are encouraged to devote considerable energy to their essays as they refine their self-presentation, and to make thoughtful decisions about the many exciting opportunities available to them in higher education. Through the middle of the Fifth Form year the counselors and the students work in concert to create a college list that comprehensively connects to the students’ personal attributes, supports their intellectual endeavors, and will provide them with exciting options for undergraduate study.

The college process at Lawrenceville is designed to be an extension of the overall education taking place in the Houses, on the athletic fields, in the classroom and in any venue on-campus where faculty Masters have the opportunity to teach Lawrentians. Fifth Formers leave with a sense of satisfaction for what they have accomplished while at Lawrenceville, a healthy dose of enthusiasm for the possibilities in front of them in college, and the educational tools necessary to have the same superlative experience in the years that follow.