Alumni Association

One of Lawrenceville's most important organizations is the Alumni Association. Early references to the Association can be found shortly after the School was founded in 1810. There are signs of its activity around the campus; the inscription over the doorway of Kinnan House reads, "1913: This Building Was Given By The Alumni Association." Kinnan is named after Alexander Kinnan, Class of 1873 and former President of the Alumni Association. Today, the Association is defined by a constitution and by-laws that have enabled it to sustain itself and to provide valuable counsel and assistance to this generation of Lawrenceville leadership.

Every student who attended The Lawrenceville School for two or more terms is considered a member of the Association. In addition, several classes have elected honorary classmates, and they too are part of the Alumni Association.

The Association is governed by an Executive Committee that consists of three officers, a president and two vice presidents; nine members who are appointed by the president; one faculty member who is appointed by the Dean of Faculty; officers from each of the Lawrenceville Alumni Regional Clubs and all members of the Young Alumni Council who serve ex-officio. In addition, the President of the Board of Trustees, the four alumni trustees, the Head Master and the Chairs of the Lawrenceville Fund are ex-officio members of the Committee.

The Executive Committee meets a minimum of three times each year, in September, mid-February and during Alumni Weekend. The Alumni Association meets each year during Alumni Weekend. At the Committee meetings, the Committee hears reports from the School leadership and selects award recipients for special recognition: The Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, presented annually at Alumni Weekend to an alumnus/a who has done the most to promote the interests of the School over an extended period of time; The Lawrenceville Medal, also known as The Aldo Leopold Award, which honors an alumnus/a who has achieved brilliant lifelong work in a significant field of endeavor; and the Masters Award, which acknowledges distinguished classroom teaching and service to Lawrenceville. In addition, each year the Executive Committee also has the opportunity to select an alumnus/a to serve a three-year term on the Board of Trustees. The Committee accomplishes this by picking six Selectors who meet prior to Alumni Weekend and select a trustee from among the members of the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association is a vital part of today's Lawrenceville. Every three years, Lawrentians help to fulfill one of the most important duties by approving the slate of officers who will serve the Alumni Association.