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  • Alumni Came to Celebrate Coach Ron Kane ’83 P’20 – and to Play

    Posted January 16, 2017

    It was billed as a celebration of Coach Ron Kane’s 25th year as head coach of the Big Red boys’ varsity basketball team, and a celebration it was, but the several dozen alumni who signed up to commemorate the occasion had clearly come to play. Held Saturday, January 14, this was no pick-up game.

  • Jay Monahan ’89 Takes Helm at PGA

    Posted January 13, 2017
    Credit: Getty Images

    On January 1, Jay Monahan ’89 ascended to what may be every weekend golfer’s fantasy job – PGA Tour commissioner. With the Tour since 2008 and having served as its chief marketing officer, deputy commissioner, and chief operating officer, it’s certain that Monahan has what it takes to continue to expand the image and reach of both the organization and the sport.

  • When Kate Moore ’95 Talks, People Listen

    Posted January 6, 2017

    Anyone who recalls the iconic commercials for brokerage firm E.F. Hutton – “when E.F. Hutton talks …” – will surmise from our title that Kate Moore ’95 offers lots of advice on investing, and they’d be right. So much so, in fact, that she’s featured on the cover of the January 2017 annual forecast issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

  • T’was the Night Before Giving, or A Visit from The Lawrenceville Fund

    Posted December 28, 2016

    T’was the night before New Year’s, and all through the land,
    Lawrentians were gathered, bank cards in hand.
    The ball soon would drop and these good folks were ready,
    Their cups raised in toast, the excitement was heady.

  • Kelly Curtis ’08: Olympic Hopeful

    Posted December 16, 2016

    As many Americans look for ways to battle the cold, Kelly Curtis ’08 embraces it with gusto – face first on tiny sled called a “skeleton.” In training for Team USA Skeleton, this Olympic hopeful is working hard to qualify for the 2018 games in South Korea.

  • Rebecca Simpson ’10 Enchants with the Harp

    Allison Huang '17
    Posted December 5, 2016

    Her harp has led her from Brussels, to play for the Duke of Wellington, to New York, on a concert tour with the Metropolitan Opera, and on October 22, Rebecca Simpson ’10 returned to Lawrenceville to rehearse with the pit orchestra for the 2016 fall musical, Cinderella.

  • Presenting the 2016 Report of Giving

    Posted November 22, 2016

    During this season of thanks, we are pleased to present The Lawrenceville School 2016 Report of Giving, an acknowledgement of the thousands of alumni, parents and friends who make it possible for us to sustain the highest standard of excellence for our students.

  • Big Red Coach, Teacher, and Student: Stuart Robertson ‘11

    Brittany Sun ‘19
    Posted November 14, 2016

    Stuart Robertson ‘11 returned “home” to Lawrenceville this fall, where he’s teaching art and coaching junior varsity soccer – all while completing his master’s in teaching and learning through the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education as a Penn Fellow. He spoke with Brittany Sun ’19 about what it’s like to be back, particularly as a coach in the soccer program where he honed his skills.

  • Big Red Wins Big Against Hill

    Posted November 8, 2016

    Big Red won big against historic rival The Hill School on Saturday, November 5, during what has come to be called "Hill Weekend." As the photo illustrates, Lawrenceville athletes had the enthusiastic support of their number one fan.

  • Lawrentians Rise to the Challenge on Big Red Giving Day

    Posted November 4, 2016

    Lawrentians have once again demonstrated their capacity to rise to – and surpass – any challenge. Between 12:00 midnight and 11:59 p.m. on November 3, our fourth annual Big Red Giving Day, Lawrenceville alumni, parents and friends made 1,100 gifts and pledges totaling $1,286,188, a new one-day record for support of The Lawrenceville Fund/Parents Fund and a 16 percent increase in giving over last year. Lawrentians easily met a generous Trustee Challenge, which promised $50,000 for each 200 gifts or pledges, up to $200,000 for 800 gifts, with a bonus of an additional $100,000 if the number of gifts exceeded 1,000. This brought the total dollar amount for the day to an outstanding $1,586,188.


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