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  • Jiang Gift Supports East Asian Studies

    Posted October 2, 2014
    Lawrenceville in China

    George and Helen Jiang P’15 have committed $1 million to Lawrenceville over the next five years to fund the Greenwoods China Program, a set of initiatives aimed at increasing student and faculty understanding of Chinese language, culture and history.

  • Lawrenceville Celebrates 50 Years of Black Students

    Posted September 30, 2014
    Classmates join Darrell Fitzgerald '68 at the Celebration of 50 Years of Black Students

    “Registration for this weekend has crested 300 people,” announced Head Master Liz Duffy H’43 ’79 at the opening reception on Friday evening for the Celebration of 50 Years of Black Students at The Lawrenceville School, September 26-27. More than a sign of the weekend’s success in attracting alumni, parents, faculty and current students to the presentations, panels, lunches and dinners to celebrate this milestone in Lawrenceville’s history, the number symbolized how far the School has come since the first black students entered in the fall of 1964.

  • Marcus Mabry ’85 Makes News

    Posted September 26, 2014

    Marcus Mabry ’85 joins us this morning to lead the panel discussion at a special School Meeting to help celebrate 50 years of black students at Lawrenceville. As the arbiter of the newsfeed that appears on the homepage of The New York Times, he is uniquely qualified for this role.

  • Peter Gould ’78 Goes from “Bad” to “Better”

    Posted September 24, 2014
    Peter Gould '78 (center) on set

    Making good on Breaking Bad, Peter Gould ’78 is set to launch a new series, Better Call Saul, in February 2015.

  • Joe Tsai ’82 Credits Lawrenceville

    Posted September 22, 2014

    Lawrenceville Trustee Joe Tsai ’82, vice chairman of Alibaba Group, can now say his company’s initial public offering (IPO) was not only the largest ever recorded in the U.S., but the largest to date anywhere in the world.

  • Brian Frezza ’01: Head in the Cloud but Squarely Rooted

    Posted September 17, 2014
    Brian Frezza '01 (left) and D.J. Kleinbaum

    Emerald Therapeutics co-CEO Brian Frezza ’01 is the first to know “when the emperor has no clothes on” thanks to the “fresh-eye journals” he and co-CEO D.J. Kleinbaum require of new hires.

  • Dan Tapiero ’86 Dives Right In

    Posted September 15, 2014
    That's Dan on the left.

    When swimming with sharks is your day job, what do you do for recreation? If you’re Lawrenceville trustee Dan Tapiero ’86, you take that competitive spirit to friendlier waters -- and win a world championship.

  • September 11, 2014

    Posted September 11, 2014

    Today we recall those members of the Lawrenceville community who perished in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

  • Lawrenceville is on LinkedIn!

    Posted September 8, 2014

    A message from Jake Huston ’06, CEO of Threadmason

    Whether you’re a college student or mid-career professional, The Lawrenceville School Alumni Group on LinkedIn is a great place for Big Red alums to network, hire, and be hired.

  • Lawrenceville Celebrates 50 Years of Black Students

    Posted September 4, 2014

    The year was 1964. Just a few months earlier, President Lyndon B. Johnson had signed the Civil Rights Act into law, striking down racial segregation in schools, workplaces, and other public accommodations. That September, Lawrenceville enrolled its first two black students: Second Former Darrell Fitzgerald ’68, a day student from Trenton; and Lyals Battle ’67, a Third Form boarder from Maryland. The 50th anniversary of this pivotal moment in Lawrenceville’s history will be celebrated throughout the coming year, beginning with a special weekend of events September 26-27.


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