Theater and Dance

We have discovered that the process of using all aspects of theatre and dance as an educational tool to inspire greatness, particularly during preparations for faculty-staged productions and student-directed Winterfest projects, takes this shape:

  • Student-artists form a vision;
  • That vision galvanizes inventive ideas;
  • Inventive ideas demand experimentation;
  • Experimentation causes evaluation;
  • Evaluation inspires independent thinking;
  • Independent thinking motivates the selection of best answers from among many best answers;
  • Selecting from among many best answers requires the exercise of judgement;
  • The exercise of judgement leads to taking responsibility for final choices;
  • Final choices culminate in a public performance of the work.

The public performance brings home to our students a great truth about the making of Art: that the quality of the product reflects the quality of the process. The fact that the process includes a great deal of laughter and play, as well as practice and study, suggests that students also learn a second great truth about the making of Art: that the joy is in the work.

Dance as Athletics

Students who participate in the School’s dance program receive athletic credit from the Athletic Department.  

The Lawrenceville School dance program fosters an artistic, educational and fun learning environment.  The goal of the dance program is to expose, inspire and promote young aspiring dancers and an appreciation of the art form by teaching classical ballet, modern dance and jazz/contemporary techniques.

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