Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center

Lawrenceville’s Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center is a 12,300 square foot, 18-bed, facility that accommodates two distinct wings; one for inpatient care, and the other for outpatient care. It is staffed by a full-time physician, nurse practitioners, round-the-clock nurses, x-ray technician, secretaries, licensed psychologists, and a consulting staff consisting of psychiatrists, orthopedists, nurse midwives, and a nutritionist. While School is in session, inpatient and outpatient care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The mission of Medical and Health Services is to provide professional comprehensive medical care, health education, and counseling services to The Lawrenceville School students and to provide first aid and acute care to the faculty and staff in support of the overarching mission of the School.

The comprehensive services provided and covered by the medical fee of the School’s tuition include: medical evaluations and treatment of acute illness or injury; overnight inpatient care; post-operative care; minor suturing and suture removal; routine allergy injections; individual doses of over-the-counter medications; wound care and first aid treatment; gynecological evaluations by a nurse midwife; general health counseling; initial nutritional evaluations; drug and alcohol education; psychological evaluations and short-term counseling; in-house laboratory diagnostic studies and venipuncture for outside lab studies; in-house orthopedic evaluations, rehabilitation of sports injuries; referral and transportation to local outside specialists; daily medication pickup, and pharmacy delivery of prescription medication; and last but not least, tender loving care.

Services resulting in additional charges to a student’s account include: x-ray diagnostic studies; prescription medications; vaccines and immunizations; crutches, orthopedic devices, supports and braces; outside laboratory tests, and drug and alcohol testing; School, college and summer camp physical exams; transportation to regular off-campus doctor’s appointments and processing fees for late or incomplete medical forms. Emergent or medical care beyond our scope is referred to the nearby hospitals.

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Additional Health and Wellness Center services include a weekly orthopedic clinic attended by an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in sports medicine and a weekly GYN clinic staffed by licensed nurse midwives. In conjunction with the Health and Wellness Center, and guided by specific protocols, two qualified and licensed athletic trainers work with our sports programs, providing immediate evaluation and first aid to injured athletes. As an added measure, the School physician attends many of the varsity athletic competitions.

The School physician is available by appointment or referral from an evaluating nurse, and a physician is on call at all times while School is in session. Outpatient clinic hours are from 7:00am-noon and 1:00pm–7:00pm Monday through Friday. Accidents and emergencies may report for immediate evaluation at any time. Acute non-threatening medical illnesses and injuries are evaluated during clinic hours when a student has a free period or after classes.