• International Programs

    Lawrenceville is dedicated to ensuring that every student has a meaningful and authentic experience abroad which is tied to our curriculum, service programs, or other co-curricular initiatives.

  • Residential Life

    Lawrenceville's unique House system creates a familial atmosphere and fosters a strong sense of community, responsibility and support.

  • Academics

    The School's rigorous curriculum and collaborative, discussion-based, Harkness classes prepare students to be responsible leaders.

  • The Arts

    Lawrenceville inspires beginners and luminaries alike in the fine and performing arts.

  • Big Red Athletics

    Lawrenceville offers interscholastic and intramural competition, lifetime sports, and a comprehensive fitness program.

  • Community Service

    Whatever your skills, experiences, or interests, Lawrenceville can help you help others.

  • Our Diversity

    We are committed to inspiring in our students an appreciation for diversity and a global perspective.

  • Student Leadership

    Opportunities abound for Lawrentians to develop and share their leadership skills in all realms of School life.

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  • <h1>Jake</h1><h2 id=e></h2>Varsity Ice Hockey, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Lacrosse, Tour Guide, Peer Tutor, Young Republicans<h2 id=t></h2>Spring Break Lacrosse Trip<h2 id=c></h2>Humanities-English

    Spring Lacrosse Trip-California Here We Come!

    I wake up on March 4th and head off to the airport to begin my way to Arizona for the Spring Break lacrosse trip. The second I get to the airport I see four of my teammates in security and I can feel the excitement of being on this trip.

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  • Piercing the Veil of Selfish Consciousness

    On campus, we have had many occasions since I last wrote to discuss virtue. Now, some philosophers and cognitive scientists deny it exists, but our School motto (Virtus Semper Viridis) claims it endures, and I believe we have seen many examples of it here recently.

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