Last But Not Least, the Mighty Wood …

Posted: September 4, 2012

Shuttled to last place by the vagaries of the alphabet, a consideration of the Woodhull House flag closes out our summer series on House flags of The Lawrenceville School. It is a matter of fact and School history that Woodhull House, nicknamed “the mighty Wood” by the boys, is in truth a great survivor, and its endurance is symbolized in its flag.
Built in 1885 as one of the original Circle Houses, Woodhull House was named for Henry Woodhull Green, brother of School benefactor John Cleve Green. The House was destroyed by fire in 1892 but was completely rebuilt in the same year. As a result, the House flag is black and gold with a phoenix in the center. The phoenix is a mythical bird said to be perpetually reborn from the ashes of its previous existence.
Like the other Circle Houses, Woodhull takes House football as seriously as any interscholastic rivalry, and the annual battle against Griswold for “the muffler” is an important part of Lawrenceville athletic lore.
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Posted: September 4, 2012

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