Parents Events

Parents Weekend, Winter Gathering, Commencement, presentations, discussions, lectures, and receptions are just a few examples of events - big and small - that take place on campus during the academic year. In addition to the events on campus, parents are invited to attend events with alumni, parents and friends of Lawrenceville throughout the world.

The Alumni Relations office provides support for over 120 events each year. There are a variety of events that cater to all alumni, parents and friends of Lawrenceville. For example, a Harkness style dinner, a baseball game and tailgate, or a lecture and reception. These gatherings provide an opportunity to reminisce, network and forge new relationships.

For further information please contact the Alumni Office at (609) 896-1208 or For a list of all parent-related events, please visit the School calendar and select the Parents Events Calendar customization tab in the lower right-hand side of the calendar page.