The Lawrenceville School

Inspiring the best in each to seek the best for all

<a data-page-name="Student Life" href="/fs/pages/872">House</a>
The Lawrenceville School - House
Forming lifelong friendships, developing values,
and contributing to the community
<a data-page-name="Harkness Learning" href="/fs/pages/873">Harkness</a>
The Lawrenceville School - Harkness
Practicing active listening, forming opinions,
and valuing multiple perspectives
<a data-page-name="Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" href="/fs/pages/1658">Heart</a>
The Lawrenceville School - Heart
Developing a welcoming and inclusive community
through cultural competency
The Lawrenceville School - House
The Lawrenceville School - Harkness

...Who Will You Become?

Push yourself to be remarkable. Uncover your passions, challenge your perspectives, and engage with a diverse group of peers and mentors who will influence your journey forever.



Performing Arts

Experiential Learning


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