Turkey Term

by Sid ’20
If there was ever a competition to denote the busiest time of the year at Lawrenceville, “Turkey Term” would be an extremely strong contender. Less than two weeks after the end of fall term, students return to campus from Thanksgiving Break to begin the Winter Term. This brief gap, can best be characterized as a race to the finish line. As teachers attempt to squeeze in major assignments and the days start to feel shorter, students begin to truly the feel the pressures of their curricular and co-curricular activities.

It’s during this laborious time that the strength of the House System best demonstrates itself. Being surrounded by Housemates who have similar struggles and successes is really reassuring. You instinctively build bonds with those that you didn’t get the chance to get to know all that well during Fall Term-a time where new students are getting acclimated and returners are assuming their responsibilities after the lengthy summer break.

Although Turkey Term may not seem very critical due to its short duration, the time is relatively crucial because of its effect on your performance for the rest of the Winter Term when school resumes in January. If you choose to slack off during Turkey Term, you end up digging a hole for yourself to start the trimester as a whole, making it a bit more challenging to achieve your goals both inside and outside the classroom.

At the same time, however, it is imperative that students don’t go overboard in trying to keep up with everything, as Lawrenceville students have been known to do. As high school students, at times we are naturally faced with situations in which it is necessary to sacrifice sleep, free time, or even a meal every now and then. Nevertheless, consistently not offering yourself the time to rest or have fun can be even more detrimental on your performance and, more importantly, your mental health. Making sure to do the small things in treating yourself properly is just as impactful as the time you are putting into your work.

To make the most of Turkey Term, I think that finding a balance between productivity and leisure, through practices like time management, is the solution. Attaining that type of harmony is by no means an easy task, but I believe is something Lawrenceville students get better at each day they are on campus. Having gone through Turkey Term three times myself, I can tell you for every failure and mistake bound to be made, there is also a valuable experience and lesson to be learned. When you forget to turn that homework in or don’t do as well on a test as you though, remember that nothing will make or break your success as a student or as a person. Take the time to reflect, review, and improve to get the most out of your misstep. Such challenging times are when your character is tested and you grow the most.

Turkey Term at Lawrenceville is undoubtedly a demanding and rigorous time for everybody, however, it embodies what this School does best for it students: push them to their limits so that they can take their own steps forward to mature and develop into the people they dream of becoming.

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