Having Fun on Campus

Ankita '21
It's a Friday night, you and your friends just got back from dinner and are wondering what to do with the time you have until Study Hall. You can pick from of a slew of club activities such as Quiz Bowl, which offers an enjoyable challenge while still learning, or go support your Housemates competing in an athletic contest. There is always a way to have fun on campus.

One of my favorite things to do is go to a basketball game with my friends to support our peers and cheer on the talented athletes. What makes the sports activities extra special is the Big Red Dog Pound, the School spirit group that runs around games hyping up the Lawrenceville crowd. They lead chants, including my favorite, “Oh, Lawrenceville is Wonderful!”

On Saturdays, there are even more fun and exciting options to choose, ranging from skating at our ice rink to School dances and interHouse activities. My friends and I love to have fun at School dances, usually held on Saturday nights. We have a tradition of putting on comfortable clothes, going to Starbucks (located just across the street from campus), and arriving at the dances with enough energy to quite literally dance the night away!

Houses will often gather together for a late-night Feed provided by one of the girls in the House. A Feed is where one of the girls in the House will provide food on a Saturday night during check-in at 11:00 p.m. Usually in my House, Kirby, we will have a House bonding event such as karaoke or even meet up with another House from the Circle or Crescent and have a game night or watch a movie. Sometimes there are Invite-a-Friends on weekends as well. These are  House events where everyone in the House gets to invite a friend from another House to the event. Sometimes Houses will hold special dances or a holiday party.

We also have special events during the year such as International Night, where students showcase their culture and share amazing food. This year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the activities during International Night. I am a member of the Nachle Dance Team, our School's Bollywood dance squad, and we got to perform for the students and faculty who attended. This was a really great way to have fun in the community along with exploring the diversity of Lawrenceville’s student body.

Lawrenceville also has Eco Coffee Houses in our School’s cafe, The Bath House, where students sing, recite poetry, or play an instrument. It’s another fun way to enjoy your night and support—or be supported by—your peers.

As a day student, I'm not on campus 100% of the time but, when I am on campus there is always something fun to do which is what I love about the weekends.

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