Pinning Into Farewell

Stephanie ’19
May 3-5 was Alumni Weekend for the graduation years ending with 4’s or 9’s. The Class of 2019 was also celebrated as we were inducted into Lawrenceville’s very own alumni association.

Lawrenceville holds a tradition for inducting their alumni called the Pinning Ceremony. The event, colloquially called “Pinning” by Lawrentians, is when Fifth Formers are pinned with a black and red rosette by either an alumnus/a or a member of the faculty or staff who was formative in their Lawrenceville experience.

Leading up until Pinning, I was torn on who to ask. I had the choice of asking Mr. Brent Ferguson, my former PreCalculus BC teacher and mentor, or Priya Kumar ’18, who guided me through Lawrenceville with all her wise advice, provided comfort and warm hugs during the hard times, and was always ready with an open ear.

As I was contemplating who to ask, I realized the strong, tight-knit community we enjoy—and almost to a sense, take for granted—here at Lawrenceville. Lawrenceville’s House System and the fact that practically all our faculty live on campus naturally allows for deeper bonding and more members of the community to build connections with compared to a typical high school. We’re exposed to one another more often which enables us to see and celebrate the good moments, but also experience bad when we are vulnerable and need help.

I think every Lawrentian has someone on campus they can turn to during those bad moments—whether that’s a friend or faculty/staff member. I think Pinning celebrates exactly that: the existing vibrant community at Lawrenceville and those close relationships that continue even after we graduate.

And now, with less than a month ahead of graduation, I am both sad to leave but also reassured that the community I met at Lawrenceville will stay with me beyond June 2. The late-night talks after Saturday feed, the shared frenzy with a classmate before your chemistry test, the impromptu Gingered Peach runs, the conversations with Deb at the Bathhouse, the House runs, and all the little and big things that can only be created at Lawrenceville, will stay with me and the Class of 2019. Because just as Pinning and Alumni Weekend inexplicably demonstrate, your bond with Lawrenceville goes further than your time on campus. That bond continues to bring you back home among current and past Lawrentians, who—just like you—love everything Lawrenceville gave them. Thank you, Lawrenceville. Stay golden.

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