Fifth Form Farewell

Grace '19
The Olla Podrida office is buzzing with energy as we rush to finish all of the senior pages before next week’s deadline. I sit at my computer station with a pancake from our dinner feed on my desk as I do my final check on everyone’s pages, making sure the photos line up correctly and all the quotes are right. Finally, I open the last file, the one that contains my pages, and see my portrait and my quote underneath it. Under my name are the names of my Houses and the list of clubs I was active in during my four years. I can’t stop thinking about how strange it is to see myself like that, to see my time at Lawrenceville summarized into a quarter of a page.

As I read over my quote one more time, I look carefully at what I wrote. I look at my clubs and see The Lit. It wasn’t until sophomore year that I worked up the courage to submit my writing, but now I couldn’t imagine it not being a part of my life. It wasn’t until I came here that I truly learned how to write. I keep moving across the list and see Peer Tutors, and I remember applying at the end of my freshman year after spending the majority of my study halls in my House common room with the Lower House peer tutors. Now, as Head Peer Tutor, I return to Lower every Friday night to help people like I was helped. Underneath all of my clubs, are my acknowledgements. I thanked my parents for giving me the opportunity to grow so much so far away from home, my siblings for always being people I could turn to, and my best friend for showing me what true friendship can be. In the last sentence, I thanked Kirby House for all of the memories I will cherish forever. It was in Kirby where I really understood what makes Lawrenceville so different from all other schools. I couldn’t have felt more connected and at home in any other setting, and I am so grateful for the guidance of my Housemaster, Mrs. [Mary] Calvert, and the unconditional friendship between all of my Housemates and me.

I look over the faces and quotes of my friends who I have grown with over our years together at this school. Some of us look exactly the same as we did in the Second Form, and others are almost unrecognizable. It’s unsettling to think that after four years in such close proximity and constant contact, we will soon spread out across the country. However, although sad to think about, I know we are all ready. Lawrenceville has prepared us so well for college and life beyond that. I’ve learned how to survive without the constant presence of my parents, to manage my own time, and to take full responsibility for myself. I finish checking the page, and now the book is ready to be submitted. My last chapter at Lawrenceville has come to a close.

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