Insight from the JV Girls’ Lacrosse Captain

Didi '21
I was thrilled to be going into my second year of Lawrenceville girls’ lacrosse program. Last year, I had played with all of my friends on the freshman team and we had a blast together as one, huge team. We were coached by Mrs. [Lisa] Ewanchyna and Mrs. [Charise] Hall, who we grew to love as both coaches and advisors. On this team we had the best of both worlds; we were able to have fun and look forward to every practice and game, while still improving our skills and working hard for each other. However, this year I would be on JV and although I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, it turned out to be one of the most fun athletic seasons at Lawrenceville for both me and my teammates.
What was different about this year was that instead of having one freshman team that consisted of only Second Formers and one JV team for sophomores and juniors, we had two JV teams where each athlete was placed based on experience with the game. This renovation of the girls’ sub varsity lacrosse program allowed for two teams that were mixed in grade-levels. It enabled the girls who had just picked up a stick to have fun and learn at their own pace with no pressure, while other girls who had grown up playing could play at a more competitive level.
When the teams came out, I was thrilled to be with all of my friends and was also excited to meet the girls on the team that I did not know as well. Although our first practices were off to a bit of a rocky start, as many of us were meeting for the first time and we were still trying to get back in the swing of the sport, we soon fostered a team dynamic and spirit that pushed us to win many games and excel in practices together.
Specifically, our turning point as a group was the practice after our coaches Mrs.[Christi] Ding and Mr. [Graham] Cole made us do a long set of sprints following a team lift and scrimmage with the varsity girls’ lacrosse team because we had lacked focus in our practices and game that week. The following day, Dylan Welbourne ‘21 and I, (team captains) gave our team a much needed pep talk. After the talk, we began our warm-up with energy that I had never seen from any other team before. We then proceeded to go through each drill with 100% effort and did it with a smile on our faces, cheering each other along each step of the way. Both of our coaches were amazed with this sudden change in heart in our team that continued to last for the remainder of the season.
Being a co-captain of this group of girls showed me the true meaning of team spirit. I realized how lucky I was to be on a team that I looked forward to going to practice and spending time with each teammate every day. This past spring season was an amazing experience that taught me loads about leadership and camaraderie. If any girls are unsure of what sport to play in the spring, I strongly encourage girls’ JV lacrosse because no matter your level of experience, there is room for everyone and the sport itself is so much fun!

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