Kirby Music Festival

Ankita ’21
The Kirby Music Festival, an annual event held by my House, Kirby, to celebrate campus musicians, is always a fun time. Each year, we open up the stage to the entire school for students to perform and have fun. This year, we had 25 kids perform both original songs and covers. It’s the social event for the weekend so tons of students come to see our amazingly talented performers. The Festival is also a fun bonding experience for the House. We come together to run House booths and set up for the show, along with cheering on our talented peers and fellow Kirby girls. 

The Kirby Music Festival was very memorable because the student body came out to support friends who performed, then joked around at an open mic, singing offkey to Katy Perry’s “Firework” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” This year, I MCed the event with my best friend, Maddie. In between performances, we cracked jokes for the audience, promoted all of the Houses that were selling food for charities, and supported our peers. As an MC, I could both enjoy the performances like years before but I was also a part of the show.

The Festival also serves as a venue for Houses to fundraise for various charities. Kirby girls sold our signature Kirby Quesadillas to benefit Homeworks, a nonprofit founded by Kirby alumna Nat Tung ‘14. Homeworks provides the Lawrenceville experience to underprivileged girls in the Trenton area and was actually inspired by Kirby House itself. Along with making quesadillas for Homeworks, we sold t-shirts to promote both the Festival and Homeworks It was really nice to support the talent of both our School and Kirby alumnae by continuing older traditions (the Festival) and new ones (like support for Homeworks). 

The Festival was started seven years ago by Ashley Suan ’14. She created it as a way to showcase the talent of the student body during the month of April. Ashley came back to visit this year and even performed for the crowd. It was pretty cool for her to see how much the event she started had grown over the years. 

After the Festival, my Housemates and I enjoyed a House Feed. We bonded over how great the event had turned out. I can’t wait ‘till next year another night of Kirby fun and School talent.

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