Starting a Publication

Santi ’20
After a month and a half of stress, weeks of waiting, and hours of “InDesigning” in the Fathers basement, I felt nothing but relief when I hit “send” to the email that would be forwarded to the entire school. When I did, I couldn’t help but smile for the next half hour.

There was a section of the school newspaper, The Lawrence, called “Spilled Milk.” That section, with joke articles and satire, was published every two years. It was very popular, but after the creator graduated, the frequency of publication slowly dwindled until it had all but disappeared.

In comes me, with a brilliant idea that I had randomly come up with while talking to my friends. Here at Lawrenceville, we have these amazing opportunities where one can come up with an idea for an event, a club, or a publication, and the School is willing to support each endeavour. Thanks to this, I managed to assemble a team, an advisor in the form of my English teacher, and a plan to publish our first edition of Spilled Milk as a standalone magazine!

I had loads of trouble at first, because I was brand new at working this whole “new publication” jazz, but as the weeks went on and progress was made, I learned about the challenges of managing a new magazine: late writers, weird formatting in InDesign (the program we use to make the magazine), and a lack of graphics to spice up the otherwise dull-looking pages of the publication. All of those were little obstacles that taught me how difficult it was to run something like a publication, not only increasing my respect for the editors-in-chief of other publications like The Negative, The First Amendment, and Working Title, but also building up to this amazing sense of accomplishment and happiness the moment I was finally done and I sent my creation out to the rest of the School. All the “Congratulations!” and “That was such a good publication!” the day after only fueled my excitement.

I could not have accomplished all of this without the support from the teachers and my team here at Lawrenceville. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and one that I’m ready to experience again with a new issue coming out next school year!

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