House Olympics: "Woodhull Prevails"

Ryan '22
House Olympics is a special event for Lawrenceville, and the highlight of my first week as a Third Former. The days leading up to the big event were filled with students coming together as a House and hyping each other up for when the Circle and Crescent Houses would finally meet to compete for the 2019 House Olympics Trophy. A positive energy permeated each House and the entire school community, as everyone was ecstatic. 

Following House Olympics tradition, House t-shirts were cut and bodies were camouflaged in House paint colors. Chants pervaded the Bowl as we started to gather. The excitement and anticipation of the event were evident. At that moment, nothing else mattered, because we were there as a House, as a family, and as a community. This would be the first of many times that the entire House was together, but it was the most special, as we all bonded with each other and lost ourselves in the excitement.

The opening remarks to the 17th Annual House Olympics began with Head Master Stephen Murray H’55 ’65 P’16, announcing each House. Each House responded with a tumultuous cheer and thunderous applause, all competing to show who has the most spirit. The games kicked off with tug-of-war, followed by the three-legged, potato sack, hippity hop, and tricycle races. Round after round, the competition became more intense, as each House was vying for the trophy. 

In the end, only one House could prevail. For the first time that day, the Bowl was absolutely silent, everyone anxiously awaiting to hear the big announcement. Our school president, Tay Gachegua ‘20, brought the eventful day to a close by announcing the winner. Everyone, tired, yet anxious, paused as Tay read:
“And the winner is… Woodhull!”

After hearing those five words, Woodhull burst into a celebration, while everyone else congratulated them for their victory. Although winning the 2019 House Olympics is what everyone was striving for, every House realized that the bonds created were equally as important. For only being together a week, it had already felt like we have been together for months. The Houses that did not win that day picked themselves up, head held high, because just being there as a House and for each other was all we needed to kick off another amazing school year.

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