Moving from the Bowl to the Crescent

Yee Xin '22
During the last few weeks of freshmen year, I found myself in a lot of conversations wondering what life in the Crescent would be like. I was going to miss the little “freshmen bubble” that I had felt so secure in for the past year. It was comforting to be in the same House with all my peers, and have our own area to hang out in the Bowl. That safe space to grow among peers who were going through a similar experience helped make my transition into boarding school life that much easier. I worried that moving into the Crescent would be a big shift that I wasn’t ready for. 

However, after remembering the spirit I witnessed from each House at House Olympics and Dance Wars, I could not wait to be part of a House. I didn’t have a clue about which one I would be placed in and how it would turn out, but it was an exciting time as it felt like my prime Lawrenceville years were dawning.

Summer flew by, and before I knew it, I was already on a plane back to New Jersey. Sitting on that 18-hour flight, I was so excited to move into my new House, Kirby, that I could barely sleep on the plane. I would be lying if I said jumping off the flight and driving straight to Lawrenceville was easy, but the excitement in the air was enough to distract me from my jet lag. 

I walked through the doors of Kirby for the first time and was warmly welcomed by my Housemaster, Ms. [Ilana] Saxe (chair of the Science department), and dutymaster, Ms. [Rebecca] Findlay (English teacher), who showed me up to my room. Helping me move in was my friend Kajal ‘22, and we spent the whole morning lugging my luggage up two flights of stairs, taking things out, and organizing them around my room. In the midst of jamming to music and catching up with each other, it started to really sink in that I was officially a sophomore.

Move in day progressed. I ate my first meal in the Irwin Dining Hall, hugged familiar faces and greeted new ones. It truly was an exciting day for new and returning families alike. So much had happened and I had barely any time to take everything in. As I lay in bed for the night, I looked through the schedule for the rest of the week, and on Saturday it was there, House Olympics. I thought back to how excited I was to experience that House spirit and bond last year. I was finally part of a Crescent house, and I could not wait to see what my sophomore year had in store for me!

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