Spirit Week in the "VILLEage"

Devin '21
“Does anyone still have scrunchies?” I frantically texted to the Stanley House group chat at 7:30 a.m. while preparing to head out for my 8:00 a.m. U.S. History class.  

It was “Meme Monday,” the first theme for our 2019 Hill Week spirit days. Today, StuCo (Student Council) told everyone to “Dress up as your favorite meme or tape it to your clothing,” so the entire Stanley house decided to be VSCO girls. With my 48 lookalikes, I was ready to take on the week! 

Next day, we went back in time for “Time Travel Tuesday!” On my walk from Spanish class to Biology consult, the overwhelming number of people rocking teashades convinced me that everyone decided to go for a John Lennon circa 1970s look. But as I turned a corner into the Joe Tsai Atrium ‘82 of the Kirby Math and Science building, a wave of neon came past me. Students decked out for what could’ve been an 80s workout class filled the halls - leg warmers, leotards, and scrunches galore. On my way to lunch, I caught some of the guys in my grade wearing oversized jerseys, baggy jeans, and sideways snapbacks to mimic what I assumed would be 90s trends. The Crescent House Presidents took advantage of tomorrow’s day off from classes and planned “Crescent Dessert” event for this evening. Third and Fourth Form girls traveled between the five Crescent Houses to enjoy individual treats made for sharing. The House and School spirit in the air were hard to miss. 

Wednesday was Pajama Day. It was also the day for me and my Fourth Form classmates to take the PSAT. At least I kept cozy in my pajamas.

Thursday was not only Halloween but also Costume Day. Head Master [Steve] Murray rapped at Smeeting (our weekly all-School gathering). As we continued to gear up to “Slam the Ram” (The Hill School’s mascot) through chants and videos, Dean [of Students] [Blake] Eldridge provided us with a brief history of our rivalry with Hill which dates back to 1887, making it the fifth oldest school rivalry in the nation. House banner competitions came next in the final climb towards the weekend we cherish every year. 
The final day of Spirit Week was “Red Out.” From the pajama shorts layered over my maroon leggings to the rain hat my mom gave me in eighth grade, I am decked out in red. I finally understand, as I take off my crimson vest and remove my vibrantly colored sunglasses, all of the looks I got on Main Street when I went to Starbucks. I look ridiculous. But if you don’t look ridiculous, you aren’t doing Spirit Week right. 

On Friday evening, the majority of the student body gathered behind the Crescent for the annual Bonfire and Pep Rally. Following a performance by the Woodhull House boys, I joined the rest of the 2019-20 Big Red Dog Pound leading the School in a cheer: 

Oh Lawrenceville, (Oh Lawrenceville,) Is wonderful (Is wonderful). Oh, Lawrenceville is wonderful! It’s full of boys and girls and trophies! Oh, Lawrenceville is wonderful! 

The Bonfire concluded with an inspiring speech by Head Master Murray and a brief dance party. From there we all headed to the Field House for some dodgeball games, with check-in for underformers extended to 8:30 p.m. As returned to my House with my friends, I had one thought in my mind for the next day’s games: 
Go big (red) or go home!

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