House Bonding: Kennedy’s Grilled Cheese Wednesdays

Guy ‘21
It is 10:00 p.m. on a Wednesday which can only mean one thing: grilled cheese. After a long night of homework and studying, Kennedians race downstairs to grab a grilled cheese. It’s a reward for our hours of hard work.

Our prefects Max Wong ’20 and Jimmy Chen ’20 are waiting for us with a couple of grilled cheeses already prepared. They have organized a system to efficiently make delicious sandwiches: Max controls the grill, while Jimmy butters the bread. Dare Rolfe ’21, Kennedy House president, has control over the speaker and is playing 90s hip-hop, a House favorite. 

Once most of the House is downstairs either munching on their grilled cheese or watching theirs being created, Kennedians have conversations with each other. Boys talk about how their classes went, a funny moment in their day, and much more. It is a great way for the House to come together in the middle of the week. Grilled cheese Wednesdays in Kennedy House relax Kennedians and allows us to take a break from our busy schedules. 

When I first entered the Circle, I was worried about how sophomores and juniors could live together and get along. After a week, I realized that all the boys in the House get along and are always supportive of each other. House bonding allows students to quickly connect over food and conversations  Whether it is academically or athletically, Kennedians have each other's backs, because of the relationships that are formed in the House. House bonding is important because it builds lasting friendships and relationships between people with different backgrounds, unifying the House. Kennedy House boys are able to build organic relationships and a warm living environment that can’t be replicated in a typical “dorm” through frequent bonding activities like Grilled Cheese Night. 

The House System truly allows students to form families with the members of their House. Having Housemasters serve as mentors and Housemates as peers, the House System cultivates an environment where students create friendships that allow them to grow and learn about different passions and cultures. House bonding creates a fun and stress-free environment that brings students together. For both day students and boarders, the House System brings everyone together and creates deep connections between students in each House.

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