New at the Bathhouse: Socialize and Study with Sushi

Devin ‘21
With Saturday night activities, Thursday sushi socials, and everyday fun, the Bath House Cafe has transformed from a snack spot favorite to a social hub on campus. While the name may seem off, The Bath House is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It dates back to 1885 when it fittingly served as a place for students to wash up. Since then, it has served various functions such as a music building, an art studio, and headquarters for Sustainability and Outdoor Leadership initiatives on campus, among many other things. While I wasn’t at Lawrenceville, or alive, for that matter, in the 19th and 20th centuries, I’d like to believe today’s Bath House is the best it’s ever been. While the Cafe (est. 2015) is new to many, I cannot imagine campus life without it.  

Within seconds of stepping into the Bath House, not only is one overcome by the comfort of delicious snacks and sweets but also a kind, friendly face. Since the Cafe’s 2015 September opening, Deborah Miliaresis, known throughout campus as “Deb,” has been serving snacks and brightening days with her unconditional kindness. She’s always there for you with snacks and an incredible playlist to help you power through any day. Whether it is the 9:45 a.m. Monday consultation rush or 6:45 p.m. on a Thursday (during the last 15 minutes of her nine-hour day,) Deb maintains the contagiously positive attitude this community knows and loves. 

This year, the community has taken incredible initiatives to transform the Bath House into a social space for all, even after hours. After a School wide-survey about social spaces on campus (conducted Science Master Dr. Leah Domb’s Research and Social Justice class), the Bath House is open for socializing and studying even after the Cafe’s closing. On the first Saturday night back from winter break, the Bath House started the new year hosting Eco Coffee House, an environmentally friendly showcase of some of the incredible talent within the Lawrenceville community. The acoustic performances and the calming ambiance make Eco Coffee House my favorite way to unwind from a work-filled week. In November, singers and amateurs alike rocked out the (Bath)House with open karaoke night. In January, we slammed down with slam poetry.

While tasty sandwiches, flatbreads, smoothies, and more are available every day, a new tradition has introduced yet another Bath House luxury. Every Thursday, Sushi Chef Mike prepares rolls in the Bath House fresh for “Sushi Live.” 

If the incredible menu and ambiance weren’t enough, the extra bonuses of music/poetry, Deb, Mike, fresh sushi, and so much more make it pretty hard to deny that the Bath House is my favorite place on campus. Don’t believe me? Check out Deb and Sandy’s (another incredible person who will greet you with a smile) Bath House on Instagram @lvillebathhouse.  

P.S. if you find yourself at the Bathhouse anytime soon consider these recommendations from me and some of my friends. 
Friend Favorites 

Noelle: Southwestern Chicken Shaker Salad    
Grayson: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Latte combo
Bela: Chocolate Chip Brownie with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle 
Ankita: Wild Berry Smoothie 
Me (Devin): Buffalo Chicken Flatbread
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