We are Kir-Family!

Ankita '21
I walked into Kirby House in late August with a group of my friends, excited about what this school year had to bring. We were fresh out of Dawes House (also known as girls’ lower House) and had “graduated” to the Crescent, where we would be living with both Third and Fourth Form girls. I was excited to become part of the amazing Kirby sisterhood, just like my two older sisters Simran ’16 and Kashviya ’18.

All of the new Third Formers were met with open arms by our Housemasters, Ms. [Ilana] Saxe and Mrs. [Mary] Calvert, which was helpful since we were extremely nervous to meet new people and to start the “prime time” of our Lawrenceville experience.

Within a week we had the slew of memorable activities, starting off with our Big Sister, Little Sister reveal. At Lawrenceville, a Big Sister is there to make your year at Lawrenceville the best that it can possibly be. They are there for you whenever you need to talk or need advice; a “Big” is the person you can always go to. Our House had a campfire at the Ropes Course where we talked about being in Kirby with the older girls and what we looked forward to in the school year ahead. And then, the Big/Little reveal happened! We were called up and paired with our Big Sisters. For the rest of the night we played a bunch of bonding games, which helped everyone settle into our amazing House.

The next weekend Kirby House ventured to the Lawrenceville School Camp where we took a tour and spent more time getting to know our new Housemates. I was super excited to go to the School Camp because I had heard so many fun and amazing stories about it from my older sisters. We woke up around 6:00 a.m. for the hour-long drive to “Scamp.” On the bus, we sat in our Big/Little pairs but, given the early hour, most were asleep until the bumping of the bus on the gravel road just before Scamp woke us up.  

The weather was not ideal, but you learn quickly at Lawrenceville that sometimes the most unideal circumstances are what make adventures more memorable. As we toured and bonded, there were whispered jokes about jumping into the pond at the end of our visit.

We played a lot of bonding games. My favorite was one where we had to pretend to be an object with an adjective like “sassy banana” and we would have a challenge between two girls on another team to see who performed it best. It was so entertaining to see how well the girls in the House could enact these crazy descriptions.

We ended our trip with a jump into the pond at Scamp — not many Houses can say that!  Even though I’m still in my first months in the House, I know I will remember the memories I make in Kirby for the rest of my life because of the sisterhood that is built in these opening days. I am so close to everyone in the house and I would do anything for my Kirbiddies because we are a Kir-family.

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