Life in Hotel Upper

Thomas ’19
For me, leaving my Circle house was bittersweet. I had made incredible memories with my Housemates and celebrated unique House traditions. Life in Cleve was all I knew at Lawrenceville because I came to the School as a Third Former and never lived with the boys in my class in Boys’ Lower House. As all Lawrenceville stories someday come to an end, my Cleve life ended with me being sad to leave but excited to begin Upper.

Living in Upper represents more than just being in a senior dorm. It is a stamp of achievement for making it to senior year. It is also a badge of maturity, as all senior are expected to be role models for younger classmates. Although Upper lacks the homey feel that Circle Houses have, there are many perks to living here.

First of all, you get to live in a House with almost every boy in your grade. Circle friendships do not fade because that group includes your previous Housemates, too. By living with nearly all the boys in your grade, you have the opportunity to connect with people who may not have previously been in your structured school life. If you need help with anything, there are plenty of resources available.

Additionally, the House was renovated this past summer and is in top condition. There is new furniture, carpeting, and others improvements — which adds to the comfort of adjusting. The rooms are very spacious and there is a good energy in the House.

But the greatest thing about Upper (besides the people, of course) is having Abbott Dining Hall attached. Abbott is newly renovated dining hall only for seniors. The food is delicious and it is incredibly convenient.

Although I originally thought that life would be unrecognizably different being out of Cleve, I have noticed that I feel a similar, yet different, hospitality in Upper. At Lawrenceville, everybody naturally cares for each other, which gives the community a really homey feeling.

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