Please take a moment to explore our website — you’ll get a glimpse of what makes Lawrenceville so wonderfully different! As you scan the news stories of student accomplishments, read about our national recognition as a leader in environmental sustainability, and dive into our rich course catalog of offerings taught by extraordinary teachers, you will sense that this legacy of excellence was not built overnight.

Indeed, the Lawrenceville experience is over 200 years in the making, and core to that heritage is the value we place on our close, caring community. Young people encounter rigorous challenge in a highly supportive environment, and with this careful preparation, year after year, our talented graduates head out into the world with the confidence to thrive and the conviction to make a difference.

But better yet, come for a visit so that we can welcome you in person. The moment you walk on campus, you’ll start to get a feel. That feeling goes beyond the beautiful nineteenth century Houses and academic buildings on The Circle that evoke tradition. It is deeper than the creative spirit that you will see in our arts facilities. It is far more than the competitive edge you will recognize as you walk our playing fields, where our teams play hard, play fair, and play to win. You will be struck above all by the warmth of the people.

At the heart of this great school is the belief that our students dig deeper, reach higher, and stretch further when they feel the embrace of supportive peers and the mentorship of caring adults who know when and how to challenge them. That’s the Lawrenceville difference. This sense of community is fostered by the close-knit House system where young Lawrentians develop a deep sense of belonging; it is forged around the close confines of the Harkness table, where teachers engage the intellect, encourage students to grapple with ideas, and teach lifelong respect and humility.

So let us welcome you to campus, walk the pathways with us, and get to know the warmth and strength of our community first hand. That feeling is real — that’s Lawrenceville!

Stephen S. Murray H’54 55 ’65 ’16 P’16 ’21
The Shelby Cullom Davis ’26 Head of School
Stephen S. Murray H '54 ’55 ’65 ’16 P’16 ’21
The Shelby Cullom Davis ’26 Head of School
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.