Transformational relationships and diverse coursework will stretch not just what you think, but how you think.

Harkness learning at Lawrenceville encourages students to give their perspective, share their ideas, and learn from their peers. This discussion-based classroom model requires student participation and active listening. It is this development of critical thinking and student agency, coupled with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, that sets Lawrenceville students apart.

Academic Departments

Through a robust selection of courses, community service, and personal development, students discover who they are and what they stand for, strive to support a School culture of belonging, and contribute their unique intellect, passion, and drive to advance their communities. Our academic departments facilitate the development of a meaningful depth and breadth of knowledge that forms the foundation for future learning.

Academic Opportunities

Opportunities for advanced research, hands-on learning experiences, and special projects, as well as merit-based scholarships, empower students to explore their interests and engage with academic and industry leaders.