The House Historian program encourages connections between Circle and Crescent students and the School’s history and the building of House bonds.
The program was formed out of the desire to celebrate the unique traditions born from the Lawrenceville House system, which have united Lawrentians across generations. House Historians act as both custodians of the past and advocates for a renewed interest in historical scholarship. Through a partnership with the Stephan Archives, House Historians learn how to use primary source materials and, in some cases, even collect firsthand accounts via oral histories. The program is purposefully designed around the model of experiential learning so that students build knowledge and understanding through the process of analysis and contemplation. Through this self-directed style of study, students draw their own connections between the past and the present while strengthening their understanding of historical scholarship.
House Historians must complete two major assignments.  They must first write an accurate and sensitive review of the happenings of their House during the academic year. This “House History” essay is included in a scrapbook that is made available in the House’s common room so other students can read about past years. Secondly, House Historians are expected to research and write an essay on a notable Lawrentian associated with their House. The essay accompanies a framed portrait of the chosen Lawrentian, which is displayed in the House’s common area. This gallery of influential Lawrentians remains on display for students past, present, and future to view.
House Historians that successfully complete these tasks receive a $1,000 contribution to their House’s budget. Members of the House can spend that money – to benefit the House – as they wish. Additionally, the House Historian that produces the most exceptional Notable Lawrentian essay is honored with the Wesley R. Brooks '71 H'09 P'03 '05 Award.

The Wesley R. Brooks '71 H’59 '09 P’03 ’05 House Historian Award

2019-20 Award Winner:  
Scarlet Sherr ’21, Calli Colvin ’22, Carina Li ’22 of Stephens  House

Recognized Alumna:
Colonel Jenness F. Steele ‘91, US Army Aviation Officer
Wesley R. Brooks ’71 H’59 '09 P’03 ’05 entered Lawrenceville as a First Former in 1966 and served as the Co-President of the Lower School as well as Secretary and Treasurer of Cleve House before graduating in 1971.  After earning a degree in economics at Middlebury College in 1975, Brooks joined JP Morgan & Co., and over the course of his thirty-year career with the financial firm, was based in New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia and Washington, D.C.  Following the merger of JP Morgan with Chase in 2000, Brooks was named the chief operating officer of the combined firms' investment banking businesses in Australia and New Zealand.  In 2006, Brooks left a position as Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase’s Private Bank in Washington, D.C. in order to become the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Lawrenceville School.  As CFO/COO, Brooks oversaw numerous physical developments to Lawrenceville’s campus, including the installation of the School’s innovative solar field project, the building of the F.M. Kirby Math and Science Center, the development of the new Crescent and Flagpole Greens, and the Abbot Dining Hall renovation project.  Brooks took special interest in the 2011 renovation of the Stephan Archives in the Bunn Library and has remained a strong proponent of archival programming.  He and his wife, Kate Proctor Brooks, have three children, two of whom attended Lawrenceville.
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.