At this time, Bunn Library is a designated Zoom space for Second and Fifth Form day students, and is not accepting reservations of library spaces. For a special request or more information, please email Paula Clancy at

Students, please read the following information before requesting to hold your program at Bunn.  Here is what you need to know:

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  • Club Meeting or Club Event?


    Club meetings in the library are considered short, informal, and for club members only that require no set-up. Meetings are scheduled in 30-minute time slots, unless a longer slot is requested. To reserve a room for a club meeting please stop by the Circulation desk or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 


    Club events are larger-scale programs that are generally open to the broader student community and require additional setup and help from the library. Please contact Assistant Outreach Librarian Laura Cunningham at for help in planning your event.
  • Choose the Right Room


    EC-Electronic Classroom: 20 students maximum
    Food: YES, AV Setup: Yes
    Heely Archives Reading Room: 20-30 students *NO FOOD OR DRINK
    Food: NO, AV Setup: YES


    McGraw Reading Room: 20 students or more - please reserve a different space if your group is smaller
    Food: YES, AV Setup: YES, if requested
    Harkness Room: 15 students maximum
    Food: NO, AV Setup: YES
    LAC-Lawrenceville Authors Collection Reading Room: 15 students
    Food: YES, AV Setup: YES, if requested 


    Joukowsky Faculty Room: 20 students, can only be used under faculty member supervision
    Food:YES, AV Setup: NO
  • Room Setup

    Before making a room reservation, visit the room that you would like to reserve.

    Do the chairs and tables need to be arranged in a certain way? Do you require additional tables/chairs beyond what is provided in the room? All furniture should be returned to its original location before you leave. 

    Planning to screen a movie and show a presentation? See below for details about setting up AV equipment, etc.
  • AV Equipment and Media


    The library has multimedia projectors, screens, DVD players, a PA system, and flat-screen televisions available for use during your event.  For AV related questions, please contact Circulation Coordinator Kristina Berg at 

     If you are planning to use AV equipment, we advise that you come in and test it between 8am and 4pm on the day of your event. We cannot guarantee that technical support will be available in the evening and cannot take responsibility if for some reason the equipment does not work.

    Heely Archives Reading Room
     is equipped with four built-in flat-screen monitor connected to a PC to play presentations, movies, etc. FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THIS ROOM.
    The Electronic Classroom has a mounted projector and screen, a laptop with wireless projector connectivity, and a DVD player with sound system.


    Movies, whether they are documentaries or feature film, are covered by copyright law and specifically require Public Performance Rights in order to be shown to an audience outside of a classroom or in the privacy of a home. The Library purchases a film license from Movie Licensing USA that covers most major studios, but not all. See for information about the movies covered and about the performance rights.

    If you have any questions about showing a film for a club night or other event outside of classroom teaching, please contact Library Director Mrs. Clancy at .
    We are happy to help you obtain or verify the public performance rights. Even if you own the movie, it does not give you the rights to show it in a public setting outside of your home. YouTube versions are probably illegal copies and Netflix is for personal home use as well. 
  • Serving Food

    A reasonable amount of food and drink may be served in the library in all rooms EXCEPT for Heely Archives Reading Room, Harkness Room and the Ifft Study Room, with appropriate permission.

    Do you want to serve food at your event or meeting?

    Speak with Mrs. Clancy or another librarian.
    Tables that have food/drink on them MUST be covered with a tablecloth (borrowed from the circulation desk). Please do not rest drinks on any wooden surfaces unless they are covered.

    The library adheres to a strict carry in/carry out policy 
    - meaning, if you bring something into the building, make sure you take it with you! We have a large garbage can in the entranceway, as well as a receptacle outside on the entrance closest to the bath house. If you have leftovers or pizza boxes, please bag (bags available from the circ desk) them up and remove them from the building.
  • Cleanup

    Please treat the building as well as (or better than!) you would your own living quarters. Clean up after yourself and throw out all trash before leaving. Leave the room exactly as you found it, or cleaner! Remember our carry in/carry out policy if you plan to have food. 

    When you are done with your meeting or event
    , please notify the librarian on duty that you are finished prior to exiting the building.

Making a Room Reservation

YOUR REQUEST AND THIS FORM SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR EVENT OR MEETING. We cannot guarantee your event or meeting if submitted after that window. When selecting your room, please indicate your first and second choice, with the understanding that we may need to assign a different location based on our schedule and availability, and we will contact you to confirm. If you do not receive confirmation of your submission from the library, your request has not been finalized. Questions? We are here to help! Please stop by the library and speak with one of the librarians at the reference desk, or email Ms. Sinai at
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