The Bunn Library is committed to assisting the Lawrenceville School community with access to the latest technologies.  The circulation desk offers a variety of equipment for patrons to borrow, including:
  • Lenovo Laptops and chargers
  • Apple MacBook Airs and chargers 
  • Apple and Android phone chargers
  • iPads
  • Kindles and eReaders
Please visit the circulation desk for more information regarding these items, as well as borrowing policies and procedures. For questions, please email Daniel Geary at dgeary@lawrenceville.org.

Media Assistance

The Bunn Library Media Services mission is to empower and support our students with equipment and assistance using multimedia hardware, software, and tools in their academic pursuits. The Library houses two digital cameras, tripods, microphones, and LCD projectors and screens. These items circulate for two days. AV Equipment cannot be renewed without approval from a librarian. After creating video or audio, we offer software assistance editing or manipulating your work. For help, contact Emerging Technologies Librarian Daniel Geary at dgeary@lawrenceville.org
For additional technology help regarding your own personal equipment or equipment outside of the library, please visit the Lawrenceville School’s HelpDesk to work with a member of the IT department.
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