College Counseling

College Counseling

The goal of the College Counseling Office is to support, inform, and encourage students and their families as they navigate the exciting, complex, and ever-changing process of college admissions.

Over the course of their Lawrenceville careers, families and students receive information through grade-specific newsletters, class-wide meetings, Parent Weekend programming, publications such as college counseling guides, and other communications designed to maximize a student’s Lawrenceville experience.

Students standing together in the Bowl
Lawrenceville’s college counseling program is designed to be an extension of the active learning that takes place each day in the classroom around the Harkness table, in the Houses, on the athletic fields, and throughout campus. Lawrenceville’s college counselors offer decades of professional experience both as secondary school counselors and as college admissions officers. This degree of experience from both sides of the admission process enables the college counseling staff to provide valuable and timely advice to families as the process unfolds and to help students effectively present their abilities, talents, and experiences to the colleges.


Junior Year

As juniors, or Fourth Formers, students begin a series of college-related standardized testing and launch a self-reflective process with their dedicated counselor in preparation for college research. Students visit colleges during spring and summer, attend on-campus college fairs with more than 100 colleges represented, and meet individually with college counselors to discuss their goals and aspirations. Students and their college counselors work together to develop a list of college options for active research and consideration while gaining an understanding of the current landscape and aligning their strengths and interests with the most appropriate selections.


Senior Year

In their senior year, Fifth Form students work with their college counselors to develop final lists with an eye for fit and selectivity and begin to focus on the final details of the application process.
Fall Term
College admissions counselors visit the School to meet with groups of interested students and/or to conduct individual interviews during the fall term, while counselors work closely with Fifth Formers on their essays in order to refine their self-presentation.
Winter Term

College counselors and students then work in concert through November and December to finalize a college list that comprehensively connects to students’ personal attributes, supports their intellectual endeavors, and provides them with exciting options for their undergraduate study.

Spring Term

When the college search concludes in the spring, Fifth Formers leave Lawrenceville with a sense of satisfaction for what they have accomplished, a healthy dose of enthusiasm for advanced study and community engagement in college, and the individual resources necessary to have an enriching experience in colleges and universities around the world.


Information for College Representatives


Scheduling Visits
The Lawrenceville School is currently scheduling in-person college visits. If you are interested in scheduling a time to meet with our students, please email collegecounseling@lawrenceville.org.


Our Graduates

This list represents institutions where five or more Lawrentians have matriculated in the last five years. Each year Fifth Form students receive guidance and apply with success to a diverse and broad range of colleges and universities, including HBCUs, U.S. Service Academies, competitive merit-award programs such as the Jefferson and Morehead-Cain Foundation, institutions that award significant merit and need-based financial aid, well as international universities in the U.K., the Pacific Rim, Australia, and Canada.


Amherst College 6
Babson College 10
Bates College 8
Boston College 20
Boston University 8
Brown University 28
Bucknell University 13
Carnegie Mellon University 15
Claremont McKenna College 8
Colby College 15
Colgate University 18
College of William and Mary 7
Columbia University 26
Cornell University 30
Dartmouth College 16
Davidson College 10
Dickinson College 6
Duke University 21
Fordham University 8
Franklin and Marshall College 8
George Washington University 5
Georgetown University 47
Hamilton College 6
Harvard University 23
Indiana University - Bloomington 6
Lafayette College 7
Lehigh University 29
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6
Middlebury College 8
New York University 51
Northeastern University 19
Northwestern University 12
Ohio State University (Main Campus) 5
Penn State University (University Park) 6
Princeton University 44
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 5
Rutgers University (New Brunswick) 5
Southern Methodist University 11
Stanford University 9
Swarthmore College 5
Syracuse University 12
Trinity College 11
Tufts University 22
Tulane University of Louisiana 10
United States Military Academy 5
University of California - Berkeley 9
University of Chicago 26
The University of Edinburgh 7
University of Miami 9
University of Michigan 13
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 6
University of Notre Dame 5
University of Pennsylvania 42
University of Richmond 11
University of Southern California 17
University of St. Andrews 6
University of Vermont 5
University of Virginia (Main Campus) 19
University of Wisconsin (Madison) 10
Vanderbilt University 7
Villanova University 7
Wake Forest University 16
Washington and Lee University 7
Washington University in Saint Louis 9
Wesleyan University 9
Williams College 7
Yale University 22

College Counseling Transfer Student Request

Please fill out the following to have your credentials sent to colleges to apply for transfer student status.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 5-7 business days for your request to be processed. Be sure to submit your request well in advance of transfer application deadlines.

For questions, please call the College Counseling Office at (609) 895-2042.