The History Department believes that students should garner an understanding of the broad historical forces that have shaped the modern world.

An important goal is to demonstrate how people perceived events in their own time as well as how historians have viewed them from a later vantage point. Through this study students are able to better examine and address contemporary problems with increased awareness of their role as both an individual and a citizen of the world. Each course is designed with overarching questions that help to guide students through their studies as they encounter a wide variety of sources and learn to think, speak and write critically within the discipline of history.

Courses examine the global forces and interactions that have shaped the modern world, as well as the evolution of institutions and ideas within United States history. In the second form, students are introduced to China and India through an investigation of each culture and an examination of the reasons why and how societies evolve and change over time. Later in their high school tenure students can choose from a variety of history electives, while at each level, students are introduced to research methods that culminate with an independent research project. The department also offers the opportunity for independent study to students with a strong interest in particular historical topics that may not be included in the curriculum.