Mathematics is the language of reason. Though often referred to as a single discipline, mathematics comprises many distinct fields, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, number theory, probability, and statistics.

Each field has developed its own ways of thinking, its own methods for solving problems and establishing truth. Closer examination reveals the underlying logic that binds them all together. In addition to its inherent structure and beauty, mathematics helps us model the world around us. Whether we’re monitoring climate change, managing money, designing new buildings and bridges, buying insurance, testing the effectiveness of a new drug, or solving crime, math provides the tools we need to make decisions in the face of complexity, risk, and uncertainty.

Every Lawrenceville graduate should be able to interpret quantitative information, develop and apply mathematical models, formulate clear and convincing arguments, and use appropriate technology to solve problems and describe relationships. In each course, we seek to develop students’ mathematical reasoning and their ability to use the language of mathematics to communicate their ideas and observations. We encourage students to ask good questions, use multiple approaches, explore ideas, and notice connections. Our Harkness-style classrooms promote intellectual engagement: independent thinking and exploration, as well as effective collaboration. The Mathematics Department sees learning mathematics as a ‘gateway to reason’ and strives to help our students gain a greater appreciation for and command of the discipline, both for its value as a way of thinking and for its usefulness in other disciplines.

A “TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator” is required for all mathematics courses. Math Course Flowchart