Religion and Philosophy

Is there a deeper meaning to our lives? Who are we and where might we be going? What are the world views and practices that have helped humankind to achieve fuller purpose and morally order society?

As old as the talent for symbolic thought, the human urge to find higher principles and celebrate sacred reality has helped people confront fears, respond to deep questions and seek the wisdom of religion and philosophy. In a world that is more clearly interconnected than for any other generation, it is vital for students to look inward and outward with care to become global citizens.

Starting with an introduction to the academic study of religion, our Third Form students encounter an array of religious traditions through an application of five key academic skills in religious studies (reading, writing, critiquing, researching, and comparing). The curriculum then opens to depth studies of religious themes and specific traditions, as well as inquiries into the fields of ethics and philosophy topics. Beyond the minimum two course requirement, one finds a demanding and vibrant array of interdisciplinary classes for Fourth and Fifth Form students.

The religion and philosophy journey is distinct at the School for the way our concerns are at once field-specific and highly germane to other subjects, not to mention the art of living. By learning to see through the three vital lenses of world view, complex idea and thick description, our students gain skills that travel well with them and enhance their capacity for empathetic and critical inquiry. Through combining an academic and existential approach to all the “big questions,” the study of religion and philosophy is one in which rigorous thinking and a sense for life’s journey advance together.