Lawrenceville's Harkness Travel Program uses creative and holistic approaches to experiential learning in order to promote the development of responsible leadership, global citizenship, self-awareness, and interdisciplinary knowledge in our student travelers.

2020 Harkness Travel Program

Trip enrollment for all spring and summer 2020 programs begins on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. The deadline to complete and submit the Head of House/Day Advisor Recommendation to Mrs. Wright and the Application Survey for all trips (spring and summer) is Monday, October 28, 2019.

About the Harkness Travel Program

Simply because we take our students out of our campus Houses and classrooms, we do not abandon our House and Harkness mission in the field.  In fact, we believe the Harkness Travel Program embodies the Lawrenceville mission by bringing both House and Harkness learning along with us.  Whether through service, scientific research, cultural exchange, artistic performance, historical inquiry, or engagement with the natural world, our programs are dedicated to offering every student the opportunity for a meaningful and educational travel experience that is tied to our curriculum, service program, or other co-curricular initiative.  Inherent in such a program is a desire to make our students more aware of global issues and different cultures, as well as the importance of establishing personal connections to others around the world.

Most programs are led by three dedicated faculty members who share their expertise and commitment to mission as facilitators of our larger experiential learning objectives. Lawrenceville's travel focus, then, is not on leading our students through a place and telling them what to know, but rather on empowering them to make sense of the experience for themselves by turning the world into another Lawrenceville classroom.

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  • Sign-Up Dates

  • Travel Sign-Ups

    • Active sign-up dates posted are when the Housemaster/Day Advisor Recommendations must be submitted.
    • Admission to our programs is based on many factors including seniority, whether a student has traveled on a school program before, gender ratios, etc.
    • Students are asked to also note a second or even a third program of interest on their housemaster recommendation form in case their primary selection is over-subscribed.
    • If a student is not selected for a program, their names are on record for priority in the next season of programs.
    • Students who graduate in June are not allowed to travel on that year’s summer program.
  • Financial Aid Information

    • Financial aid students are eligible to receive aid for one program during their time at Lawrenceville and if selected to participate are awarded the same percentage of aid that they receive towards tuition.
  • Payment Policies

    • Once a student is selected for a program, a letter with forms and a payment schedule will be sent home to parents; the first payment is non-refundable.
    • Within the contract received, there is a specified date after which no refunds are possible.
    • Failure to complete all forms required by the school by the set date prior to departure may be cause for termination of participation, as well as inability to refund cost of the program.
  • Passport Information

    • All passports must be current seven months past the return date of the school sponsored trip being attended.
    • The passport must contain at least two free pages for potential visa needs.
    • A photo copy of the information passport page is required for sign-up when the first payment is due.
  • Costs

    • The current approximate cost is based on the price of flights at time of program research; there is the potential for this to change. Participants will be alerted to any changes at time of program sign-up.
    • Program costs include all non-routine vaccines required for the selected program.  A list of all required vaccines is located on the individual program web pages.
    • It is expected that all students will be up-to-date on routine vaccines; if not, families will be responsible for covering the costs associated with the administration of routine vaccines.
  • Vaccinations

    • A list of required vaccinations for each program will be sent home to all families and is also found on each individual program webpage.
    • If students do not provide records of having these vaccinations by December 13 arrangements will be made for the vaccinations to be administered on campus.
    • View 2020 Harkness Travel Vaccine Information

Contact Information

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  • Photo of John Hughes

    John Hughes 

    Director of Experiential Education; Director of The Lawrenceville School Camp
  • Photo of Louise Wright

    Louise Wright 

    Associate Director of International Programs
  • Photo of Michael Hanewald '90

    Michael Hanewald '90 

    Associate Director of the Harkness Travel Programs; History Teacher
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.