Experiential Education

Experiential Learning

Beyond the Harkness table, there are many opportunities for students to apply and expand their knowledge through experience.

Experiential learning allows students to witness the real-life application of their studies during the school day. In addition to lending a sense of closure to theoretical learning, these experiences offer students a legitimate opportunity to learn from failure — and feel validation from success — in a way that isn't possible in classroom learning.

Whether connecting with the land at the Big Red Farm, deepening their understanding of world cultures, or embarking on a trip abroad, Lawrenceville students know there's no limit to what they can learn. 

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Travel Program

Embark on a transformative experience abroad with Lawrenceville. From Bali to Brazil, our travel program offers an educational opportunity that will expand your view of the world and of yourself.

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Outdoor Classroom

Alternative physical activities empower you while connecting you to nature. Rock climbing, canoeing and other explorations will teach you to go beyond your limits and transform yourself.

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Big Red Farm

Find new enrichment through sustainable agriculture and connecting with the earth and community at the Big Red Farm. Located on campus, and led by dedicated faculty members, our days on the homestead provide a grounding and educational experience like no other.

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Through a strong emphasis on land and water conservation, alternative energy resources and waste reduction programs at Lawrenceville, it’s safe to say that our students know responsible living. And even more so, they practice it.

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