Travel Programs

Travel Programs

Lawrenceville's Harkness Travel Program uses creative and holistic approaches to experiential learning in order to promote the development of responsible leadership, global citizenship, self-awareness, and interdisciplinary knowledge in our student travelers.

The Harkness Travel Program embodies the Lawrenceville mission by bringing both House and Harkness learning along with us. Whether through service, scientific research, cultural exchange, artistic performance, historical inquiry, or engagement with the natural world, our programs are dedicated to offering every student the opportunity for students to develop their awareness of global issues, different cultures and communities, and the importance of establishing personal connections to others around the world.
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Program Themes

Programs are led by dedicated faculty members who share their expertise as facilitators of our experiential learning objectives. The intention of Lawrenceville's travel program is not to lead students through a place and tell them what to know; it is to empower them to make sense of the experience for themselves by turning the world into another Lawrenceville classroom.

Academic Trip: Italy

Students explored locations which mark major milestones in the life of Renaissance revolutionary, Galileo Galilei. This exciting trip offered the travelers a personal experience: tracing the journey of Galileo from his humble beginnings as a professor of Mathematics in Pisa through to his final years under house arrest in Florence.

Cultural Trip: Scotland

In this program, Lawrenceville students traveled to the United Kingdom - both England and Scotland - as a participating theatre ensemble in the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The event was held in August, allowing the travelers to explore and perform in beautiful and historic Edinburgh, Scotland.

Outdoor Trip: The Grand Canyon

In March, 2019, students traveled to the backcountry of northern Arizona for 10 days. The trip began in the red rocks country near Sedona before exploring the area along the south rim of the Grand Canyon and numerous side canyons, all with the wondrous Colorado River below.

Service Trip: Tanzania

In partnership with the Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC), Lawrenceville students had an exciting opportunity to work alongside humanitarian Chris Gates (JBFC founder) and the students of JBFC’s vibrant orphanage and school. JBFC is located in Kitongo, about 30 miles east of Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city.