Travel Programs

Travel Programs

Lawrenceville's Harkness Travel Program uses creative and holistic approaches to experiential learning in order to promote the development of responsible leadership, global citizenship, self-awareness, and interdisciplinary knowledge in our student travelers.

The Harkness Travel Program embodies the Lawrenceville mission by bringing both House and Harkness learning along with us. Whether through service, scientific research, cultural exchange, artistic performance, historical inquiry, or engagement with the natural world, our programs are dedicated to offering every student the opportunity for students to develop their awareness of global issues, different cultures and communities, and the importance of establishing personal connections to others around the world.
Lawrenceville students hiking in Austira
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Program Themes

Programs are led by dedicated faculty members who share their expertise as facilitators of our experiential learning objectives. The intention of Lawrenceville's travel program is not to lead students through a place and tell them what to know; it is to empower them to make sense of the experience for themselves by turning the world into another Lawrenceville classroom.

For more information about the Harkness Travel Program, please contact Louise Wright.


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School Year Abroad Academic Year Programs

While classroom instruction is important, we recognize the unique benefits of immersive study aborad programs. Students who study abroad in high school have the opportunity to better understand world politics, to speak another language, to grasp pressing socioeconomic concepts, and to become informed and seasoned citizens of the world.

School Year Abroad (SYA) is a cultural immersion and language program that allows high school students the opportunity to study in Europe or Asia for an entire academic year. As a member school in the SYA consortium, Lawrenceville students receive preferential admission to SYA's schools.

SYA provides academic credit in addition to college testing and guidance, enabling students to graduate from Lawrenceville with their own class while helping to prepare them for selective colleges and universities. Students apply in their third- or fourth-form year to attend SYA in their fourth- or fifth-form year. The SYA year ends in time for fifth formers to return for their Lawrenceville graduation.

Studying abroad produces exceptional high school students who are mature, informed, disciplined, and well adjusted to functioning away from the comforts of home...a true character-building experience that will yield benefits for a lifetime.

Viault Family International Fund

June - July, 2022

The Viault Family International Fund sponsors independent student travel to join an existing expedition.

With this generous support, Lawrenceville is able to offer eight students the ability to apply for admission into one of three summer programs through SYA (Spain, Italy, or France).

School Year Abroad - Spain
School Year Abroad - Italy
School Year Abroad - France



School Year Abroad