Math, Philosophy, and Cultural Studies in Greece

Each student will experience a robust exploration of the Greek culture, history, and contribution to philosophy, language, politics, and mathematics; they will lead and follow, listen and tell, take in and share. They will eat, dance, read, learn, ride, touch, and learn all over the Peloponnese, in Delphi, in Athens and Corinth, and in Samos, the home of Pythagoras.
2022 Travel Program - Math, Philosophy, and Cultural Studies in Greece
2022 Travel Program - Math, Philosophy, and Cultural Studies in Greece
2022 Travel Program - Math, Philosophy, and Cultural Studies in Greece
Travel to Greece, including explorations in one of the world’s most mysterious and treasured cities of intellectual life and culture - Athens.
Students will travel to such scientifically significant sites and museums as Corinth, Kotokolo, Olympia, Delphi, the theater of Epidaurus, ancient Mycenae, Samos, and the tunnel of Eupalinos. While in Athens, they will spend time with Greek students, solve problems with them that are relevant both historically and in the modern age, marvel at the constructions of our forebears, and learn in some of the sites and museums most laden with inspired discoveries and antiquarian artifacts: Herakleidon, Plato’s Academy, Lyceum, the Athenian learning Gymnasium, Acropolis, Parthenon, and the Tower of Winds. With multiple days in Athens our group will dive deep into the quest to discover ancient knowledge, as well as enjoy traditional Greek food and dance.
Students will also travel to Samos, capping the experience with an adventure on this mystical isle full of legend. As we head for home, we will ponder the significance that this tiny country has exerted on the whole of human history – through mathematical, scientific, political, and social innovation.
Throughout our travels in Greece, students will engage the following questions:
  • How has this nation and region contributed to the development of mathematics, modern architecture, and government / society?
  • What can we see visibly enduring of that legacy from the geometry of ancient Greece in today’s architecture and design?
  • Can we learn by solving the problems that other cultures addressed – while withholding the results of our modern age? Do we arrive at the same results?

Sign-Up Instructions

Participation for all Lawrenceville Harkness Travel Programs is dependent upon a review of student applications, Head of House/Advisor recommendations, medical fitness for participation, and financial and disciplinary standing. Seniority and gender balance is also considered in the selection process.
Application to this program is not considered complete until both of the following items have been submitted:
Head of House/Day Advisor Recommendation must be completed and submitted to Louise Wright by Monday, November 1, 2021.
Application Survey must be completed by Monday, November 1, 2021.


March 5 - 15, 2022



*Includes all flights, meals, ground transportation, accommodations and excursions. Families will receive a list of vaccines that are required.

Program Leaders

Ian Mook
Mathematics Teacher
Karla Guido
Associate Director of Athletics
Hollister Olson
Mathematics Teacher

Pre-Trip Work

Prior to departure, there will be mandatory meetings for all students accepted into this program.

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