Ancient Cities to the Atlas Mountains

Abandon well worn tourist routes to explore a land shaped by conquests, colonization and occupation through the varied lenses of language, religion and cultures while trekking through mountains and desert, forging links with local families and exploring novel ways of living.
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
Harkness Travel Program - Morocco
In partnership with Where There Be Dragons, this program offers students a unique opportunity for profound immersion and diversity in both community and landscape. Through targeted exposure to fascinating cultural and historical sites, a pastoral hike in the High Atlas Mountains and a short homestay in a picturesque agrarian community, students will experience diverse dimensions of contemporary Moroccan society, from bustling urban to tranquil rural.
Through immersive exploration, students will experience the welcoming culture of Morocco beyond a more traditional tourist’s cursory glimpses and into the core of a multilingual country that communicates in Arabic, French, and local dialects of Berber. Targeted discussions and guest speakers will showcase Morocco’s approach to ethnic diversity, issues of gender, and traditional cultural practices. In a world where understanding Islam becomes increasingly relevant, students will be given the opportunity to explore Islam in a liberal Muslim country.
Despite the large number of foreigners who descend on this country every year, this holistic Lawrenceville program exposes students to a Morocco most visitors never see. It offers students opportunities to develop meaningful relationships to the people and landscapes of Morocco by sharing personal and cultural narratives, while simultaneously cultivating a deeper sense of agency, global citizenship, and self-awareness.
Traveling through the Atlas and Sahara regions of Morocco, students should expect to be active participants in their learning, taking on important leadership roles and embracing the ambiguity and discomfort of unfamiliar cross-cultural environments, fundamentally challenging their own worldviews and lifestyles back home.
Important Considerations / Student Expectations
All passports must be current seven months past the return date of any school sponsored trip. Please check and plan accordingly.

Sign-Up Instructions

Participation for all Lawrenceville Harkness Travel Programs is dependent upon a review of student applications, Head of House / Day Advisor Recommendations, medical fitness for participation, and financial and disciplinary standing. Seniority and gender balance is also considered in the selection process.
Application to this program is not considered complete until both of the following items have been submitted:
Head of House/Day Advisor Recommendation must be completed and submitted to Louise Wright by Monday, October 31, 2022.
Application Survey must be completed by Monday, October 31, 2021.


March 4 - 16, 2023



Includes all required vaccinations.

Target Student Population

This trip is open to all Students.
Students with a desire to learn and/or use French and Arabic are encouraged to apply.
Students should be comfortable walking through semi-rugged terrain.
Students should also be amenable to various unfamiliar lodging conditions and dining options.

Program Leaders

Julie Mellor
Science Teacher
Devondra McMillan
Dean of Students

Pre-Trip Work

Prior to departure, there will be mandatory meetings, readings and assignments for all students accepted into this program.

Location Info