The School's Community Service Program encourages all Lawrentians to connect with the greater community, giving them the opportunity to engage with a variety of people outside the students' immediate world. Because we want students to have a common service experience that enhances their Lawrenceville education and builds community within and beyond the gates, the Community Service graduation requirement is not based on a certain number of hours that a student must complete. 
Instead, students participate in three different types of community engagement.

  1. Lawrenceville Community Action Project (LCAP) to be completed in 9th , 10th or 11th grade. LCAP examples include: a one-term weekly project (coordinated by CS office); being a counselor at Lawrenceville School Camp or Performing Arts Camp; or participating in a Lawrenceville International Programs Service Trip.
  2. Annual participation in the School’s Martin Luther King All-School Day of Service
  3. One-time events (All-School, House, club or team sponsored) - 1-3 times before graduation depending on student’s entering year.
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.