Departmental Honors Course Admissions Criteria

Students sign up for Honors courses on the scheduling day held in February. The next step in the process is that the departments concerned review all student applications for Honors courses to be taken next year. Each department determines its own specific set of criteria to decide whether or not it would serve the student well to take such a course. The following are the departmental criteria for admission into Honors courses:


Honors Art History
The student should demonstrate strength in writing (English grades will be examined and a writing sample may be requested). It is preferable that the student has had some exposure to European history; however, consideration will be given to the student who possesses a strong interest in the subject.

Advanced Studio
  1. The student must have completed Art I: Foundation and at least two studio electives.
  2. Students must present images of past work that demonstrates their ability.
  3. Some consideration will be given to the student's overall academic record. In light of the substantial workload for this course, the student should demonstrate the sustained ability to keep up with all other course work and display the interest and ability to be self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to work independently to develop their own personal work.


The following are prerequisites for admission to the Honors level courses in American History, Government, and Economics:

Honors Economics
Permission of the instructor and are taking or have taken Calculus

Honors United States History and Government
  • a strong interest in history and the ability to approach history analytically
  • an ability to handle abstract concepts
  • developed writing skills
  • a willingness to enthusiastically enter into class discussions
  • an ability to deal with special learning opportunities and some extra demands
Specific Prerequisites
  • Successful completion of Forces that Shape the Modern World with a recommendation from your teacher in that course.
  • Honors Government - Completion of at least three terms of history prior to enrollment and permission of the chairman.


Student's electing to take an Honors class will have their records in mathematics individually reviewed by the department chairman for any clear errors in placement. Borderline cases will necessitate a discussion between the department chairman and the student's most recent teachers as to the student's ability to handle the material in the particular Honors course. They will make a decision of whether or not the student will be allowed into the particular course.


The recommendation to admit students to Honors level courses is made by the teachers of that language in consultation with the Language Department Chair. Determining factors include language skills, consistent effort, attitude, and general academic performance. Honors courses correspond to college-level courses. As such, the pace of the course is fast, the level of expected engagement high, and the work load significant.

The Language Department offers Honors courses in French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.


Students interested in taking any 500 level course in the Science Department will have their past performance reviewed by a committee of teachers from the science department. Each case is reviewed to determine a student's preparation for the course of interest and to make an assessment of the student's ability to succeed in the course.
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