Common Admission Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about our admission process. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at

Scheduling an Interview

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  • Do you have Open Houses?

    We offer a personalized experience with each student matched with an Admission Ambassador with similar interests/experiences. Additionally, we will offer virtual opportunities for applicants to get to know Lawrenceville even better. Please check out our Virtual Visit page as a great place to start!
  • What can I expect during my Campus Visit?

    Regretfully, we are not able to welcome visitors to campus until further notice. 

    However, when you sign up for an interview, in addition to speaking with an Admission Counselor, you will be able to connect with other members of the Lawrenceville community, including an Admission Ambassador, current parents, and coaches/faculty members in your area of interest.
  • Do both parents/guardians have to be present for the parent/guardian portion of the interview?

    While it would be ideal to have both parents/guardians available for the interview, we do understand demanding schedules, and thus, it is fine if only one parent/guardian attends. The student will interview first followed by an opportunity for parents to ask any questions of the Admission Counselor.
  • What should my son/daughter wear to their interview?

    Lawrenceville does not have a formal dress code. Regarding the interview itself, applicants should wear what they feel the most comfortable in and will put them at ease.
  • How can I request a meeting with the coach?

    When scheduling your interview, please indicate any interest in meeting with a coach or faculty member. We also encourage you to reach out directly to any coach or faculty member with whom you’d like to speak.
  • Do you offer summer interviews?

    Regretfully, we are not able to welcome visitors to campus until further notice.  

    Typically, international and domestic boarding families have the opportunity to visit campus during summer.  Please look for the schedule on our Visit page in spring.


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What test do I need to take?

    Please know that there are many factors taken into consideration when evaluating an admission application and thus, we look at the entire child and not just solely on their test performance.

    We require that the following standardized tests be submitted for Fall 2021 admission consideration. Testing may be submitted from the current or previous academic year (beginning August 2019).

    • 9th and 10th grade candidates must submit the results of the SSAT or ISEE. We only accept test scores directly from the testing organization; we do not accept copies from your school or consultant.
      • To guarantee a March 10 admission decision, you must take the SSAT by January prior to your intended entrance. Please let the Admission Office know if you've had to delay testing beyond January.
    • 11th grade candidates must submit the results of the SSAT, PSAT, SAT, or ACT.
    • 12th grade and PG candidates must submit results from PSAT, SAT, or ACT.
    • International Applicants:
      • All international applicants must demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English. For applicants whose native language is not English, and whose language of instruction for the most recent four years of schooling has not been English, the TOEFL or IELTS is required.
      • To meet the needs of students who are unable to take the TOEFL iBT test at a test center due to public health concerns, ETS is temporarily offering the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test. To meet the needs of students from Mainland China who are currently unable to take the TOEFL iBT® test due to testing suspensions there, ETS and the TOEFL program are temporarily offering the TOEFL ITP Plus for China solution. Lawrenceville is currently accepting both of these testing options.
      • Lawrenceville does not offer a formal ESL program; however, academic support is available for international students on a limited basis
    • Recommended, but not required:  Character Skills Snapshot
    • Please note: If you feel you will have trouble meeting these admission requirements, please contact us at or 609-895-2030.

    *In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SSAT has created multiple options and opportunities for the 2020–2021 testing season. Please review your testing options on the SSAT website. The test itself may be taken more than once and all of the scores will be accepted. Be sure to list the Lawrenceville code (4564) when you register for the test. To prevent delays be sure to list us as a score recipient when you register for your test.  
  • When and how many times can I take the SSAT?

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The SSAT has created multiple options and opportunities for the 2020–2021 testing season. Please review your testing options on the SSAT website. The test itself may be taken more than once and all of the scores will be accepted. Be sure to list the Lawrenceville code (4564) when you register for the test.
  • Do I need to take a TOEFL or IELTS test?

    Our international applicants, who have not had all of their classes taught in English for the past four years, are required to complete a TOEFL or IELTS test and have their scores submitted officially to us. Lawrenceville does not provide an ESL program.
  • What is your average TOEFL score?

    We find that successful applicants typically have an internet-based score of 105 or higher. However, we recognize that international applicants may have a range of preparation for the TOEFL, and we take that into consideration when reviewing applications.
  • How can I submit my ACT, PSAT or SAT scores to you?

    For our applicants in the 11th, 12th or Post-Graduate years, please have your school submit your test scores directly to our Admission Office by either emailing them to, with your full name as the subject matter of the email, or by fax to (609) 895-2217.
  • What is your SSAT score average?

    The average SSAT score for accepted students has historically been around the 85th percentile. We do not have a SSAT score cut-off, and we recognize that each applicant comes from a different background when it comes to test preparation. We aim to evaluate an entire applicant's profile, with the SSAT being one part of the process.

Application Process

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  • New to the process... how to begin?

    We want the application process to be as intuitive as possible and we want you to know that we are here to help. Feel free to call our office at either 1-800-735-2030 or 609-895-2030 from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday or Wednesday from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm to ask us questions about navigating the application process. Additionally, if you have specific questions pertaining to your child, our Admission Counselors are on-hand to assist as well, just contact our office and ask to speak with one of them. If you prefer to email your requests or questions, you may do so to .

    Our website can be a helpful resource tool as well. For example, we outline the entire application process under our Apply page.
  • How many years of past grades do you need?

    In addition to the applicant’s current school year grades, we do also require two years of past grades as well. For example, a 9th grade applicant should submit grades from 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
  • What if I am not taking English or Math this year, may I ask another teacher to provide a recommendation?

    This year we are providing more flexibility in regards to your English and Math teacher recommendations. Both of these may be completed by your current or previous year teacher. English Recommendations may be completed by your teacher in the following subjects: English, History, Social Studies, Social Sciences. Math Recommendations may be completed by your teacher in the following subjects: Math, Science, Engineering.
  • My child does not go to a traditional school or is homeschooled. Who should write the recommendations?

    In the case of applicants in a non-traditional or homeschool learning environment, we require that, at minimum, one academic recommendation comes from a recommender other than the applicant’s parent.  An example being a co-op teacher, tutor or other academic support counselor.  Additional recommendations can come from other sources - coaches, youth group leaders, religious life leader, or another adult who has observed and/or worked with the applicant in a non-school setting so we may gain a greater sense of who the applicant is as an individual and/or part of a team or group. All homeschool applicants must also complete all required standardized testing as well as an admission interview as part of the formal application process.
  • Why do you recommend taking the Character Skills Snapshot (CSS)?

    Lawrenceville is much more than books, calculators, and classrooms, and therefore, we want our admission process to reflect the multidimensional education that happens here. The admission process is an opportunity to tell your story and help us understand why you may be a good match for Lawrenceville. As we review students’ applications, we take both quantitative and qualitative information into account. For applicants who submit it, the CSS is another piece of information that provides additional insight beyond grades and test scores.  It also provides us with a platform to discuss some of the skills that enable students to succeed beyond college. The CSS is not a test because there are no right or wrong answers, but hopefully it can be an engaging and reflective exercise for applicants. We think the CSS is a new and helpful way for us to get to know you better and understand how we can help you learn and grow.
  • How will you use the CSS in reviewing applications?

    For applicants who submit the CSS, it will help us better understand you. Character has always  been a part of our process and something we’ve long considered when discussing applicant fit for Lawrenceville. The CSS enhances this process by giving us a scientifically validated instrument on which to base our conversations. The CSS does not replace anything in our process; it only adds to it and will help us better understand the applicants who choose to submit it.
  • How do I register to take the CSS if I am not taking the SSAT test?

    For students not taking the SSAT test, please click here for directions on how to register for the Character Skills Snapshot. 

Supplemental Material Submissions

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  • How do I send examples, etc. of my child's interests — whether it be art, writing, music? Can I upload a sports video to be included in my child's application?

    We encourage you to submit any supplemental materials pertaining to specific interests (arts or athletics) using the Inquiry Form. You can also submit supplemental materials directly in your Gateway or SAO application. These will be automatically added to your application file.

    Alternatively, you may submit any supplemental materials by emailing PDF files or HTML links to publicly available sites (such as YouTube) to Please include the applicant's full name and a brief description of the file (eg. John Smith-artwork.pdf). If we feel the submitted material adds value to your application, it will be added to your file. Examples of supplemental pieces are:
    • personal recommendations
    • artwork
    • videos (via link) 
    Please know that most applicants do not submit any supplemental materials. The application provides the Admission Committee with the information for the basis of the admission decision. We can only accept PDF attachments or links to publicly available sites. Materials submitted in any other format will not be reviewed as part of the application process.

Financial Aid

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Admission Office Events

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Athletic Exemptions

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  • When do you apply for an exemption?

    Third, Fourth, and Fifth Form students interested in applying for an athletic exemption must complete and submit an application to the Director of Athletics by late May of the preceding academic year for review by a faculty committee. Applications are available through the Athletics Office in the spring term.
  • What is the criteria to receive an athletic exemption?

    Students must have experience playing at the varsity level and demonstrate the potential to continue the sport at the college level. You must have earned a varsity letter in the sport of interest during the previous academic year and must participate on the school interscholastic team during the academic year of the exemption request.

    Exemptions can only be used to participate in an approved, high-level, adult-coached athletic activity off-campus. Students must provide evidence that they will meet with their team and/or coach at least four times per week.
  • Does every student get an exemption after applying?

    No, not every student can be guaranteed an exemption after applying. Each exemption is granted on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed each year by a faculty committee. The committee includes the Director of Athletics, Dean of Students, Dean of Campus Life, and members of the Athletic Department. If a student’s request for an exemption is denied, the athletic department offers several other options each season through our House Sports and Lifetime Sports programs.
  • What are lifetime sports and activites at Lawrenceville?

    Lawrenceville’s lifetime sports/activities program is offered to those students in the Second and Fifth Forms who do not make or wish to go out for the School’s interscholastic teams. Conditioning, golf, dance, ice skating, spinning, ultimate disc, soccer and yoga, as well as Second Form instruction in a variety of activities including ice skating, personal conditioning, volleyball, and Outdoor Programs are offered. House sports are available to Third and Fourth Form students.
  • What is the school’s policy on missing Saturday classes for outside athletic commitments?

    Students are permitted to miss a maximum of three meetings of any class over the course of the term to play in athletic contests. This includes classes missed either playing on Lawrenceville interscholastic teams or in athletic contests outside of the School. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Dean of Academics, Dean of Students, and the Athletic Director.
  • Does the school provide transportation to outside commitments?

    No, students applying for an exemption need to plan transportation on their own. The school cannot be responsible for transportation to and from activities outside of school.

Postgraduate Students

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  • How does the postgraduate application process work?

    A student applying for a postgraduate year can apply using one of two applications: 
    (1) The Gateway application used by applicants of all other grades.
    (2) Submitting a copy of the Common App being used for college applications. Note: if you choose this route, you will still need to submit Part One and the application fee through Gateway.

    Our application deadline is January 15, and we ask all interested students to complete applications by that date. That said, we understand that high school seniors discover and pursue postgraduate years at different times during the process, and have flexibility with this group.

    We release admissions decisions on March 10, and ask families to make enrollment decisions by April 10.
  • How do postgraduates fit into campus life at Lawrenceville?

    Postgraduates are fully integrated into our Fifth Form (12th Grade) and into the rest of campus life. They take the same courses, live in the same spaces, and compete for the same athletic teams. Postgraduates do not experience an alternative Lawrenceville. Instead, they often develop lifelong friendships with teammates, classmates, and housemates from around the U.S. and the world.
  • Where do postgraduates live?

    All postgraduate boys live in Upper House - it is our largest house on campus and houses the vast majority of our 12th grade boys - returning seniors and postgraduates alike. 

    Upper House is physically attached to Abbott Dining Room - a newly renovated, spacious dining facility for Fifth Form students only. Meals are consistent and convenient for postgraduates.

    Postgraduate girls likewise live with our other 12th grade girls, in one of two houses - McPherson and Reynolds. These houses sit next to one another, and are both conveniently situated next to Upper House and Abbott Dining Room.

    Most 12th grade students have single rooms, but there are several double rooms as well, and postgraduates may end up in either format.
  • Are postgraduates required to play sports?

    Many of the postgraduates who attend hope to create opportunities for themselves as college student-athletes, and sports factor prominently in their decision to attend Lawrenceville. That said, not all of our postgraduates are competitive athletes, and they are not required to compete in interscholastic athletics while here. We do require each student to participate in an athletic activity each season at Lawrenceville. Beyond interscholastic sports, students can choose from a host of activities that include strength and conditioning, performing arts, and other unique extracurriculars. We have had many postgraduates compete for multiple varsity sports teams and make significant impacts in multiple seasons. We encourage multi-sport athletes!
  • Since they have already graduated high school, what classes do postgraduates take at Lawrenceville?

    Like the rest of our Fifth Form (12th grade) students, our postgraduates have a college-style course catalog available to them, with many choices at their disposal. We operate on a trimester schedule at Lawrenceville, and Fifth Form students take five classes per term. Essentially, postgraduates will have about fifteen slots to fill with college-level electives. Typically, postgraduates use some of these slots to challenge themselves with “next-level”, advanced courses in disciplines they have already been pursuing - such as physics, Calculus, foreign language, etc. And, they will often use other slots on interesting subjects they have never studied - perhaps “Bioethics”, “Lincoln”, “From Freud to The Void”, or many other specialty courses. We do require them to satisfy a few subject distributions to ensure a well-rounded schedule, but offer many choices within each subject. Also, we ask them to take a Writing Seminar tailored for postgraduates, so they can shore up essay writing skills before heading to college. Postgraduates will not need to retake courses from high school, unless they have the desire to improve their performance in a certain subject.
  • How does Lawrenceville support postgraduates in the college process?

    As with every Fifth Former, we assign each postgrad a college counselor. We have a College Counseling Office with tremendous experience. Each of our counselors has experience as an admissions officer in higher education, and each will work hard to help any postgraduate student pursue their goals and make educated decisions about the best fits. Additionally, many of our athletic coaches play an active role in the college process, and serve as an added layer of support for postgraduates.
  • How many postgraduates attend Lawrenceville each year? Does the School have limitations?

    We do not set a quota for postgraduates, but typically enroll between 18 and 25 total postgraduates.

    Certain sports are subject to league regulations that cap the amount of postgraduates competing for each team. Please check with the appropriate coach for any questions about these maximums.

    Due to New Jersey and MAPL (Mid-Atlantic Prep League) rules, student-athletes who turn 19 years of age prior to September 1 cannot participate in competitions within those jurisdictions. Therefore, Lawrenceville rarely admits postgraduates who turn 19 before September 1.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

January 15

Testing Deadline

February 1

Application for Financial Aid Deadline

January 15

Admission Decision

March 10

Enrollment Notification

April 10
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