Discover L'ville

Our Discover L'ville Series is an informal way for prospective families to learn more about the Lawrenceville admission process and the programs we offer our motivated and passionate students.
Check our events calendar for upcoming sessions, or watch a recorded session below.

General Information Session

Discover L'Ville - General Information

First-Year Parents Tell All

Discover L'Ville - First-Year Parents Tell All

Big Red Athletics (Boys)

Discover L'Ville - Big Red Athletics (Boys)

Big Red Athletics (Girls)

Discover L'Ville - Big Red Athletics (Girls)

Arts at Lawrenceville

Discover L'Ville - Arts at Lawrenceville

Meet Our Student Council

Discover L'Ville - Student Council

Young Alumni Spotlight

Discover L'ville - Alumni Spotlight

Young Alumni Spotlight

Discover L'ville - Young Alumni Spotlight

Harkness at Lawrenceville

Harkness at Lawrenceville

Student Clubs

Student Clubs

DEI Cornerstone Conversation

Discover L'ville - DEI Cornerstone Conversation

Understanding Explorations

Discover L'ville - Understanding Explorations

Women of Lawrenceville

Discover L'ville - Primed for Leadership: Women at Lawrenceville

GSA Cornerstone Conversation

Discover L'ville - GSA Cornerstone Conversation

Experiential Learning

Discover L'ville - Experiential Learning

Gruss Center for Art and Design

Discover L'ville - GCAD