Tuition and Affordability

We realize a Lawrenceville School education requires sustained commitment from our families — and we're confident that it yields a lifetime of benefits. A Lawrenceville student has everything they need to start their journey of lifelong learning. Your investment in the Lawrenceville experience will be a long-term catalyst for your child’s success, in whichever way they choose to define themselves.


At The Lawrenceville School, we value diversity in all forms. Discovery and appreciation of new perspectives — a key aspect of Harkness learning — makes us stronger as a community. We are committed to making a Lawrenceville School education accessible to those who seek to join and contribute to our community.

Lawrenceville awards need-based scholarship aid to families at a wide range of income levels. We encourage families to apply for scholarship aid along with their application for admission if they think they might need aid at any point during their time at Lawrenceville. Families who come to Lawrenceville paying full tuition should expect to pay full tuition throughout their time at the school, barring any significant life event such as serious illness, job loss, etc.

Click the image below to watch a recorded information session with Director of Scholarship Aid, Lauren Gold:


Scholarship Aid Information Session

Comprehensive Tuition for School Year 2024-25

Tuition includes mandatory fees for health and technology and is reflective of the full cost of attendance. This makes the annual cost of a Lawrenceville education more transparent while streamlining and simplifying the billing process for families.

Our Approach to Scholarship Aid

For two centuries, Lawrenceville has provided scholarship aid to students across the socioeconomic spectrum, cultivating a talented community that is expansive in thought and varied in perspective.

Committed to meeting the full, demonstrated need of all students, we provide need-based grants to ensure that each and every student gets to fully experience House, Harkness, Heart, and everything Lawrenceville has to offer. Unlike loans, these grants do not need to be paid back; they are Lawrenceville's investment in the student.

As we continue to make a Lawrenceville education a reality for all students, we strive for:

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Access and Affordability
Ensure that Lawrenceville is accessible for students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.
Clear Processes
Make the Scholarship Aid process as streamlined and transparent as possible.
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Equity and Communication
Communicate with students and families receiving aid to ensure an equitable Lawrenceville experience.


Who Receives Aid?

Many factors are considered in determining who receives a grant and the size of that grant. While family income is the most influential consideration, we also take into account the full context of a family's financial situation, home location, family size, number of children in tuition-charging schools, savings, and other elements.

What Does Scholarship Aid Include?

All of our need-based grants are intended to provide a full and equitable Lawrenceville experience. As such, our aid packages can include up to the full cost of attendance and, for some students, additional support for:

  • Travel to and from Campus
  • Required Academic Materials
  • Laptop and Cell Phone
  • Health Insurance
  • Weekly Stipend

Additionally, Scholarship Aid extends to many experiences at Lawrenceville, including:


Barring any significant life event, families can expect to receive a similar amount year-to-year and are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities. To encourage students to take advantage of them, the Scholarship Aid Office regularly sends out a newsletter detailing available resources, an open invitation to Scholarship Aid office hours, and access to an affinity group to connect with other students receiving aid.

Named Scholarships

The Lawrenceville School is fortunate to have hundreds of need-based scholarships to encourage the diversity that is a hallmark of our community. These scholarships benefit students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, with regard to geography, race, ethnicity, religion, military service, and more. For more information, please reach out to the Office of Scholarship Aid.


The Lawrenceville School

How to Apply for Scholarship Aid

The deadline to apply for Scholarship Aid is January 15, but you can begin at any time using the steps below.


Inquiry Form

Our Inquiry Form includes a prompt to indicate your interest in applying for aid.



Students should use this form to apply for admission.


Clarity Application

Complete a Clarity Application. Please note, it is primarily the biological parents' responsibility to pay education expenses. As such, we require an application and supporting documentation from both parents.

Apply Through Clarity

Upload Required Financial Documentation

A family's eligibility for aid is determined through careful analysis of information provided on the scholarship aid application, Clarity, and through submission of a family's current, complete, federal tax return. This analysis identifies the dollar amount of a family's discretionary income that is available for tuition and fees.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns:
(609) 895 - 2199

Lauren Gold

Titles: Director of Scholarship Aid, Office of Admission