Nick Cherukuri '12 Promotes Augmented Reality Glasses in the Workplace

While virtual reality headsets have exploded in popularity, mixed reality or augmented reality has been less quick to catch on. This type of headset seeks to enhance the real world rather than block it out, and it has proved so far to be resistant to commercialization.

But a West Windsor company, ThirdEye Gen, founded by Nick Cherukuri '12, is betting that it has cracked the code with its X2 smart glasses. Unlike VR, which is mostly used for entertainment, ThirdEye’s device is being marketed for use in the workplace.

“Eighty percent of the global workforce uses their hands while working,” says Cherukuri, founder of ThirdEye. His company aims to give workers the powerful ability to use a computer without taking their hands off a task.

Click here to read more about Cherukuri's innovation and how he got his start at Lawrenceville. 

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