Terry Lee '84 Examines Rise of "Fake News" in Peer-Reviewed Article

After the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, the term “fake news” – information defined as deliberately misleading or masquerading as authentic reporting -- became ubiquitous thanks to the role of social media.

In a peer-reviewed article published in the most recent edition of the journal "Public Administration and Policy," Terry Lee ’84 examines the role of fake news in changing and distorting how political campaigns are run and are ultimately calling into question the legitimacy of elections, elected officials and governments. He also looks at how social media enables the spread of fake news and projects its possibly negative impact on democracy, through enhancing partisan selective exposure and heightening the importance of individual responsibility in monitoring interactions with news outlets and social media.

Lee argues that the media, elected and national security officials, and concerned citizens need to remain vigilant about the increasing threat of fake news and its impact, not only on fair and transparent elections, and the democratic process and maybe the single most danger to the divide cultural and political divide of Americans.

Terry Lee is a Senior Director with the national grassroots and digital political and public affairs firm Five Corners Strategies in its Washington D.C. offices. Lee has served in a variety of senior-level communications and public affairs positions, having served in senior communications and media relations positions at the federal, state, and municipal levels, including the Clinton White House and the Office of the Mayor for the District of Columbia. He holds a degree in Political Science and Economics from Vassar College and is the author of PR To The People—A Step By Step Guide To Free (Positive) Publicity.

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