Big Red Profile: Jasmine Barco ‘20

Natalia Ibarra ‘20
Jasmine Barco ’20, Lawrenceville’s girls’ varsity soccer team goalie, talks about how she started playing the sport and what she looks forward to this season.
Natalia Ibarra: When did you start playing?
Jasmine Barco: I started playing soccer when I was in kindergarten because my dad wanted me to do something after school. I have been playing goalie for years. I played on a club team while I was in middle school and then switched to Lawrenceville’s varsity team my sophomore year.
NI: What is your favorite thing about being on the Lawrenceville team?
JB: My favorite part is watching the team grow and getting to know each other.[Individuals] start playing for each other, which is really nice. We are all great individual players but what's most important is how we play together as a team and how we adjust to play with each other’s skills and talents. I think just having a motivated team is what makes [this group] so great.
NI: What are you looking for this season?
JB: I am looking forward to winning the MAPL championships. Last year we won but it was a three-way tie between Blair, Peddie, and Lawrenceville. It didn’t really feel like we won. [This year], we just want to play our best against every MAPL team.
NI: What have been your career highlights?
JB: I think my favorite moments in my soccer career include me getting better at one-on-ones or break aways. A break away is when a forward gets to our defensive line so it is just me and the forward. I think I have gotten better at handling the situation because my confidence has grown proportion to my experience as a goalkeeper. As a result, I have put 100 percent into every game and practice. I really want our team to win.
NI: What do you outside of sports? Extracurriculars?
JB: I am prefect in the Stephens House. It has been amazing because we have some of the smartest and nicest girls. We all love each other. Our Housemaster, Mr. [Matt] Campbell, is incredibly caring.
I am the copy editor of LMag, Lawrenceville’s fashion magazine, a tour guide, and am in the Leopold Society.
I am also president of Artistic Aid for Morrison Hall, a club I established to paint landscapes with the elderly. In addition, I am a mentor for Big Red Writing, a community service project for local middle schoolers.
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