Watch it Now: Alumnus Paul Moravec ’75 Co-Creates Virtual Performance of 100+ Opera Singers

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec ’75 and librettist/lyricist Mark Campbell have united more than 100 opera singers in a video performance of hope and solidarity for their fellow artists and the opera community. Released today by OPERA America, a co-sponsor of the event, the video features the world premiere video performance of “Light Shall Lift Us,” the brainchild Campbell and Moravec.
The performance features Sasha Cooke, Matthew Polenzani, Ailyn Pérez, Soloman Howard, Brenda Rae, Morris Robinson, David Portillo, and Joyce Castle. Video editing was done by Cara Consilvio, music direction by Andrew Whitfield, and orchestral simulation by Peter Lurye.

Beyond serving as a rallying call to the public to support its opera companies across the country and the arts, in general, Moravec and Campbell believe this galvanizing and powerful performance will be a reminder of the importance of the arts to our society, which has always looked, during difficult times, to artists as guiding lights for strength, hope, joy or solace. Moravec and Campbell approached Marc Scorca, the President/CEO of OPERA America, who agreed to sponsor the effort, as part of his organization’s 50th Anniversary. Campbell quickly assembled the team of stage director Cara Consilvio to serve as video editor and Minnesota Opera’s choral director Andrew Whitfield to serve as music director, while Moravec enlisted Peter Lurye to create the orchestral simulation. Within one week, the pair had engaged 108 singers to perform the work!
Moravec, 2006 recipient of Lawrenceville’s highest honor, the Leopold Award, commented, “Mark and I are profoundly grateful to the amazing artists who came together for this performance. Through the redemptive beauty of music, we hope to bring some light into the world at this arduous time. We want to remind folks that in this pandemic, everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. These eminent artists are still just as crucial as they were when this ordeal began and they will be even more essential when we emerge together on the other side.”
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